Former UFC Star Chael Sonnen Set To Join Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling Promotion

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Jeff Jarrett has been part of WWE and WCW, and he won championships in both promotions. He has wrestled some of the top names in the industry, but when WCW went down he had an itch to do something he had never done before, but he chose an endeavor familiar to several of his family members. He wanted to start a pro-wrestling company, and he named it TNA. Jarrett’s TNA was successful almost immediately, but not in a major way. It needed a lot of help to get going.

Eventually, help arrived, and TNA started to flourish. Over time, big names joined the promotion, and they landed on a network that was capable of helping them reach new levels. After a while, TNA was taken away from him, slowly but surely. After an issue with Kurt Angle that led to Angle’s wife having an affair with Jarrett, Jeff left the company. However, you could say he was forcibly removed.

Jarrett still had the itch to have his own promotion. TNA was a good place to try his hand at running a big business. He did very well there and learned a lot. So, if he were to start another promotion, he certainly would know how to progress and avoid the mistakes that hurt TNA. Now, Jarrett is doing just that by starting up Global Force Wrestling.

The promotion has been linked with organizations like New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and we even hear that interesting Indy stars might take part in working there. GFW will be doing a press conference today at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas around 1:00 pm locally. Jarrett mentioned a special guest will be there, and that special guest was reported to be former UFC star Chael Sonnen. Sonnen is one of the most outspoken MMA stars of all time. His fights always made money because he talked you into the building. He was the first guy to really bring pro-wrestling style promos to MMA, and UFC benefited greatly.

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Sadly, an issue with a drug test that was clouded in controversy sidelined Chael Sonnen for two years. He was suspended and unable to fight in the United States for all of that time. That didn’t stop Chael, and he decided if he couldn’t fight he would at least commentate or analyse the action. So he joined ESPN and FOX Sports to break down fights. Sonnen has also done some pro-wrestling announcing as well.

It seems he will be doing more of it as Global Force Wrestling is set to announce that Chael Sonnen will join the announce desk team to call the action. This report out of PWInsider is a huge deal for GFW. The interesting part of this is that although Sonnen cannot fight in the United States, that does not mean he cannot wrestle. So if Chael Sonnen, the fighter, can’t work, he can wrestle if that appeals to him.

Although Chael is a big pro-wrestling fan, it does not appear that he is interested in actually wrestling, at least for now.

Jeff wants him on the desk, which is just as much fun as seeing him in the ring. Sonnen is enjoyable to listen to, and his work on the desk for both MMA and pro-wrestling has been terrific thus far. So we can only expect this to continue.

Will Chael Sonnen ever enter the ring? Who knows? We at least get to see what he can do close to the action for now, so it is possible that he gets that itch to perform one day down the line. Global Force Wrestling may be able to bring in at least one big name. It’ll be fun to see who else Jeff Jarrett can bring in and if the promotion can get a good enough television deal to do some damage in the pro-wrestling scene.

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