New Details Released For Apple iPad Pro

As the days and weeks pass, more information is coming out about the rumored Apple iPad Pro. Apple is said to be thinking business with the production of this tablet, which is rumored to feature a 12.9-inch screen. The pressure is on the tech giant to step up their efforts in developing a device that is practical, versatile, and full of features. Apple is far and away the leader in terms of overall tablet sales, but some tech observers believe the iPad maker lags behind in the fight for device supremacy in terms of features.

In terms of competition, some point to Microsoft’s Surface line. The Surface Pro series has seen increased sales in recent months, due in large part to its innovative foldable keypad. The Surface Pro can be used as a tablet or a notebook.

Aside from a USB add-on, Apple does not have this capability with its devices. Well, the iPad Pro will not be equipped with a keypad either, but there is one addition that will add some practicality to this upcoming creation.

Appleinsider reports that a Bluetooth stylus pen will be included in the iPad Pro.

Having this addition means that the touch screen will have enough sensitivity where users can scribble notes, access their apps, play games, and even draw with the glide of a pen, or even a fingertip. Ease of use is important. Nothing is worse for a handheld device than to have it unresponsive to the touch. You also do not want to have the touch screen too sensitive. It can be irritating to constantly keep opening the wrong apps and tabs, but every touch is different. As a result, expect a sensitivity calibration feature amongst the settings.

The introduction of the USB-C port, which Apple may be attempting to make a staple for their portable devices, could be implemented with the iPad Pro. If you purchased Apple’s newest 12-inch MacBook, you will be familiar with the port. Apple reportedly wants their users to be able to charge their device, transfer files and have video output capabilities all in one port.

When the latest MacBook was released, it only had one port. The option to conduct all your charging and transferring needs was unavailable. Whether or not similar problems will arise with the Apple iPad Pro remains to be seen.

Since there were several companies which came to Apple’s aid and produced accessories to accommodate the one-port device, there is no reason to believe that solutions will not be put in place. Expect Apple to have learned from the mistake and listened to the concerns.

There have been several tidbits of information to come out regarding the rumored Apple iPad Pro. Expect more details to be released in the near future.

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)