Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Sales Still ‘Incredible’ Despite Surface Pro 4 Close To Release Date

Microsoft literally reinvented the laptop/tablet hybrid with the Surface Pro 3 in 2014. They just made the tablet better by releasing a firmware upgrade. BetaNews reveals the good news on the Surface Pro 3.

“Today, Microsoft releases an update that improves the Surface Pro 3. Not only does it fix existing issues, but it adds new functionality. If you own the computer, you should be excited…The coolest aspect of the update is not what it enables Surface Pro 3 to do, but what it disables. Confused? Let me explain. For security reasons, it can be important to restrict certain hardware on a computer. For instance, if you do not want users to connect a flash drive or other hardware, it might be beneficial to disable the USB port. Now, you can do exactly that, plus more.”

There are other updates, including improved Bluetooth and improved Wi-Fi. Perhaps all of this is causing a rush in sales for the Surface Pro 3. The Inquisitr checked with 10 different Microsoft Stores in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Chicago on Saturday morning and all of them revealed an increase in sales since the upgrade was announced.

The Microsoft Store in Los Angeles says they are selling more Surface Pro 3 units than they were the month of its release and that sales are incredible.

“I think the Surface Pro 3 has become more popular over the past three or four months because the word-of mouth is so good,” a shift manager tells the Inquisitr.

When talking to a manager at the Orange County Microsoft Store, The Inquisitr was told that the new firmware upgrade definitely had an effect on sales, which were already excellent. The Surface Pro 3 is the best selling product at this particular Microsoft Store retail location.

None of the stores would give any information about the upcoming Surface Pro 4. According to PC Pro, the Surface Pro 4 will have two models: a 12-inch one and one with a 14-inch screen. Both will have a 2160 x 1440 screen resolution. Both will have an Intel Core M Broadwill chip. This means the Surface Pro 4 will be even more of a laptop replacement than the Surface Pro 3. Rumors now put the Surface Pro 4 at a July release date. For some people, this is too long of a wait.

Many industry insiders laughed at Microsoft when they released the Surface Pro in February of 2013 and advertised it as a tablet/laptop hybrid. A lot thought the unit was too heavy and the battery life was too dismal. Microsoft has obviously listened to the criticism and has ushered in a new era of laptop/tablet hybrids.

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