‘The Voice’ Results Shocker: How A Celebrity With Millions Of Followers Helped India Carney Stay

Was I shocked to see a front-runner leave The Voice this week? Not really. However, I noticed that for the second week in a row, #VoiceSaveIndia was a top trending topic. I never saw anything like this all last season when I watched. To be honest, I’ve not heard of anything happening like this for other Voice contestants. Curious, I did a bit of digging into the popular India Carney trend.

What I saw left me rather stunned.

This is concerning for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Ansel Elgort is a rising talent who has been in a few very popular movies, including Fault In Our Stars and Divergent. He currently has just shy of three million followers to pull from for a “request” like this. Did The Voice ever consider the possibility of extremely famous fans of their broadcast using their celebrity power to shift things around? I certainly hadn’t, and now I’m really side-eyeing the outcome of last week’s show, even though I initially agreed with it.

Second, it appears that many of the fans who sent the hashtag out had no idea what it was related to. Many of these teenage girls just wanted to say a celebrity was following them. They didn’t watch either India or the ousted Kimberly Nichole sing. How is that fair to either women? How is that fair to The Voice?


— shey ◟̽◞̽ (@ewcarrot) May 6, 2015

WHEN @AnselElgort ISN’T FOLLOWING U BUT U TWEETED #VoiceSaveIndia WITH ALL UR 50 ACCS AT THE SAME TIME @indiacarney pic.twitter.com/yg5d8wc5Bl

— #voicesaveindia (@tvdkatlove) May 6, 2015

I actually don’t know how to feel about how India Carney was saved. I don’t know what this means for the rest of this season because if we’re going to see shenanigans like this, then it pretty much invalidates the entire format of The Voice, doesn’t it? What’s the point of watching or even voting when thousands upon thousands of thirsty fangirls can swoop into the hashtags without knowing what they’re about… all for the sake of getting a follow?

I feel so terrible for Kimberly Nichole. I really wonder if any of the producers for The Voice have anything to say about what happened tonight. What makes it so bad is that I’m not sure you can even call it a rule breaker. Unethical and unfair, but is it out-right against the Voice rules? Eh, I called for a front-runner to go home, didn’t exactly think this would be the reason.

What say you Voice fans? Do you think The Voice needs monitor celebrity influence of the outcome of their voting system? Is it fair that someone with a famous friend or fan can have access to millions of votes that other Voice competitors don’t?

[Image Credit: Ansel Elgort Twitter]