Comcast Xfinity’s New Share App Will Let You Share Personal Photos and Videos

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity releases a new app that will join the streaming content market, and you can be the star. is reporting that Comcast Xfinity’s newest project is called Share, an application that will allow persons to share personal photos and videos, as well as live content, with a friend. The technology thus far is in a trial phase, so there will be some restrictions to the new service.

Share, which was announced at the 2015 INTX internet and cable-trade expo in Chicago, will be offered to only Comcast Xfinity Triple Play customers with X1 DVR capable set-top boxes to begin with. So, at first, only existing customers with the correct service and equipment can share personal photos, videos, and live events between each other. Later this year, the service will be expanded so customers can send those items to non-Comcast Xfinity customers.

“We’re not just giving our customers the power to share special moments in their lives as they happen — a child’s baseball game, a graduation, or just a beautiful sunset,” explained Patti Loyack, vice president of communications for Comcast Xfinity Cable. “Share lets users broadcast to the biggest screen in the home, the TV set.”

Digital Trends is reporting that Comcast Xfinity’s Share will not perform to the capabilities of sharing streaming applications such as Periscope or Meerkat. During this weekend’s Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, people were using their smartphones to broadcast the live event using those programs. If someone has used Comcast Xfinity’s Share, only one other person would have received the feed. In this case, however, when Meerkat or Periscope users would broadcast the feed, the Meerkat or Periscope developers would try to throttle the feed broadcasters, but others would pop up and continue the illegal feed. Those who spent anywhere from $89 to $100 or more for the fight, as well as fight promoters, were not happy.

Comcast Xfinity has said that there are no controls to prevent streaming piracy using this app. This will be a major problem with these applications. Periscope is reporting similar issues with their service. They have seen many instances of streaming protected content, such as Game of Thrones, and the like.

Comcast Xfinity is considering placing a 30-minute time limit on the service to help prohibit this kind of piracy. And, considering that people will be using their smartphones to broadcast the content, 30 minutes of the energy-draining streaming app would deplete the telephone, as well. And, a person probably would get tired of trying to hold their cell phone steady for that long, as well.

[Image courtesy of 6 Webs]