‘Neverwinter’ Updates On Xbox One With Patch 1.1, Includes Improved Usability, Bug Fixes

Neverwinter on the Xbox One

About a month ago, Neverwinter, the free-to-play Dungeons and Dragon MMO, was released on the Xbox One. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment, Neverwinter focuses on Dungeons and Dragons lore and rules with an emphasis on action-oriented combat. Today, the game received its first patch to address many specific issues on Xbox One.

Patch 1.1 is now live on the Xbox One’s edition of Neverwinter. The patch addresses many usability issues and fixes a number of bugs. On the usability side of things, many menus and tooltips were adjusted for improved readability. The Astral Diamond Exchange saw many changes, including displaying the current best price in the price field. Moreover, the details of items in the Zen Market are now scrollable, making the decision to purchase something a little easier.

In addition to the changes to usability on the Xbox One, many bug fixes were pushed live with this update to Neverwinter. Players should no longer encounter issues when trying to invocate, some drop-down menus should cease increasing infinitely in some situations, and attempting to teleport to a player via the character’s portrait should be remedied. More bug fixes are included and can be found on the full list of patch notes.

Neverwinter on the Xbox One

Finally, performance was improved through a number of fixes. Many crash fixes were published, including those found when “navigating the chat log,” one “related to shadows,” as well as several “infrequent” crashes. Game stability at the server level was improved and “communication between Neverwinter servers and Xbox Live” were enriched.

Although the game is free-to-play, Neverwinter on the Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold to access. Players that have yet to download the MMO can do so from the Xbox Store. Expect to download and use around 11 GB for the game on the hard disk.

Currently, Neverwinter on the Xbox One is a few major updates behind the PC version. The Xbox One edition is live with “Tyranny of Dragons” content while the PC version is running with two additional modules; “Rise of Tiamat” and “Elemental Evil.” The Xbox version of Neverwinter is likely to see these updates, the latter of which raised the level cap to 70. In March, the Inquisitr reported on the arrival of Neverwinter on the Xbox One and how the game is updated up to “Tyranny of Dragons” content.

Does the Neverwinter patch fix any issues that were troubling you?

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