Shark Near Shore: Dog Watches Shark Almost Swim Ashore In South Carolina [Video]

SHark Near Shore

A dog watched a shark nearly come ashore in South Carolina’s Port Royal Sound recently. David Lauderdale is a columnist for The Island Packet (IP) and shared the experience during a dog walk on Hilton Head Island last week. He posted a 10-second video onto YouTube May 5 that shows his dog, Brae Brae, noticing a shark rolling on by in the shallow waters. It was so close to shore, it looked as if it might pop out of the light waves. Instead, it moved along, minding its own business.

Brae Brae, a black Labrador Retriever, was alerted to the animal right away. He didn’t bother the shark, but was certainly aware of its presence and didn’t seem to mind it whatsoever.

The shark seen on the video isn’t too large in size and had no interest in harming anything. With summer fast approaching, people are curious about shark activity and any news about various sightings.

Lauderdale wrote about his dog noticing the shark and how the canine is a real shark “hunter.”

“My wife went out to walk the dog last week and ended up walking a shark.

They were at the edge of Port Royal Sound. The mighty deep was lapping in at all of 6 inches. And there it was. The dorsal fin of a tiny version of Jaws came gliding by.

Brae Brae the wonder dog dashed into the surf as if she’d been assigned to the Shark Safety Patrol.”

Lauderdale wonders if this shark sighting means more sharks will be around this year.

“… We know that sharks live cheek by jowl in Port Royal Sound. But why was it so close? Are there more of them this year?… “

The IP writer adds that it’s the “deepest natural channel on the East Coast” and that up to 20 different species of sharks inhabit those waters. Lauderdale adds that he spoke with a fisherman who once pulled in two state-record sharks — a 380-pound Lemon shark and a 163-pound Blacktip shark. The fisherman also hooked and reeled in a Great White shark on March 15. He catches and releases the sharks.

Inquisitr has already written a significant volume of stories revolving around sharks this season. A few shark attacks have already taken place, such as one in Maui just last week. A woman was killed by a shark while snorkeling off Ahihi Kinau Bay. The 68-year-old got separated from her companions and was found floating 200-yards alone offshore.

[Photo Credit: David Lauderdale/YouTube screenshot]