Flight Attendant Covered In Urine, Feces A Foot Deep After Pipe Busts Over Airport Lounge, Sues For PTSD

Delta flight attendant sues after covered in sewage

A former Delta Airlines flight attendant, Tina Brock, and her husband have filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corp after an incident that they say left Tina suffering from PTSD and a damaged sex life.

The flight attendant was sleeping in the Atlanta airport lounge between flights when she woke up to a strange gushing sound. She was immediately covered in urine and feces from a burst sewage pipe overhead. Tina, along with other flight attendants, were trapped in the room as more sewage spilled through the exit door. The waste continued to spew into the room until it was a foot deep, trapping Brock in a closet where she vomited and gagged repeatedly. The former flight attendant says she still suffers from the 2012 incident. She has been diagnosed with PTSD and claims she can’t have sex with her husband due to the incident.

The Boston Newstime reports that former Delta flight attendant Tina Brock is suing the company that maintains the Atlanta International Airport after she was covered in sewage while sleeping in an airport lounge in 2012.

“Because the gushing sewage was blocking the door, Brock and the other flight attendants were trapped in the room until the flow of liquid eventually slowed.”

Instead of airport staff helping the flight attendants out of the disgusting situation, Brock says that they were left in the room as no one wanted to enter the disgusting scene to help. Instead, people threw her trash bags to cover her legs from the foot-deep sea of urine and feces. Brock says she hid in a closet trying to flee the filth; however, once in the closet she couldn’t help but vomit and gag from the intense smell.

Brock notes that once she was able to escape the poop-filled room, she immediately went to the pilot’s lounge and showered. However, she says she still suffers anxiety and stress from the ordeal. Brock says she cannot be in tight spaces and was forced to give up her 18-year career as a flight attendant due to her fear of confined spaces. Brock’s doctor says that she suffers from the worst case of PTSD she has ever seen.

“The incident speaks for itself. Her doctor has indicated it’s the most serious case (of PTSD) she’s treated.”

In addition to the PTSD, Brock says the incident has also affected her ability to maintain a healthy marriage as she can not longer have sex with her husband. In the days after, the lawsuit claims, she became severely depressed, couldn’t sleep, and had the sensation that bugs were eating away at her skin. Now Brock and her husband want compensation for the incident, which they say never should have happened. In fact, they note that prior to the incident, flight attendants had noted a pipe that had a white bucket hanging from it, indicating a leak was likely present before the sewage explosion.

What do you think about the flight attendant’s lawsuit? Is Tina Brock entitled to compensation for the disgusting sewage explosion that covered the unsuspecting woman in feces and urine?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Tim Boyle/ Facebook/ Tina Brock]