Lisa Bonet Puts Bad Feelings Aside, Attends Met Gala With Ex

Lisa Bonet at Meta Gala

Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz have been divorced for quite a while now. Despite the fact that their marriage collapsed, it appears both Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz are able to put aside their differences in order to spend a little quality time with their daughter. The Cosby Show and A Different World Alum was able to put aside any issues she might have with Lenny when Lisa went to the Met Gala, and even walked arm-in-arm, with her former love at one point.

As Us Magazine pointed out, Lisa Bonet actually making an appearance with Lenny Kravitz was no small feat. While the pair have raised quite a beautiful daughter, there is clearly still some animosity over a number of different issues. It should be pointed out that Lisa Bonet does not get spotted in public that much in general. The fact that when Lisa Bonet did get spotted was when she was out and about with her family was newsworthy all on its own.

Lisa Bonet attended the Met Gala most likely because she wanted to support and spend some time with her grown daughter, who has herself made quite the career in Hollywood. Zoe Kravitz is clearly pleased that the relationship between Lisa Bonet and her father is starting to be quite a bit better. As People Magazine points out, the 47-year-old actress and the 50-year-old musician were actually spotted taking a rather friendly walk together back in March. For those hoping the two might rekindle something, that doesn’t appear remotely likely.

Lisa Bonet has actually remarried, to Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, and that pair, by all accounts, are quite happy together. Zoe Kravitz doesn’t seem to be holding out hope that her mother and father will eventually get back together. The younger Kravitz even went on record a while back saying that her father and stepfather have a very amicable relationship.

Despite the fact that the couple won’t be back together, Lenny Kravitz took to Facebook shortly after the Met Gala in order to show off a picture of the trio with the caption, “family.” The entire family seems to be doing better than they have as a group in quite a while. It wasn’t that long ago that Zoe talked about her mother indirectly being one of the causes of her anorexia. If there was damage to the relationship between Zoe and Lisa Bonet because of those struggles, it doesn’t exist anymore.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]