Fight Against GMOs: Hollywood, Florida Mandates The Use Of Healthy Vending Choices

The fight against genetically modified organisms - especially against Monsanto, the organization recognized for them - has amplified in aggression over the past two years. The Inquisitr reported on the latest pertaining to the GMO fight, which seems as if it is now a war. Despite all the independent research being done said to prove GMOs are dangerous for human consumption, pro-GMO companies are adamant on releasing GMO apples, followed by GMO peaches, pears, berries, oranges, and bananas. And if that's not aggressive enough, there are rumors circulating the organic community that once marijuana is legal across the nation, GMO marijuana will be unleashed too.

Even though GMOs have huge organizations backing them, the organic community has some big names supporting them too, especially Dr. Mehmet Oz. Now, the mayor of Hollywood, Florida, Peter Bober, joins Oz as he mandates the use of healthy choices in vending machines in his city.

According to Vending Times, all vending machines in city-owned buildings in Hollywood, Florida will soon comply to the new nutritional guidelines of, as mentioned previously, healthy choices in their vending machines. About 30 percent of all products in all vending machines will meet the standard set on food and beverages by the American Heart Association. Another 20 percent will at least meet one recommended standard, in which one of them is being non-GMO.

Healthy Options

The new mandate is actually expected to happen in Hollywood, Florida because the city has been partaking in a growing trend to make food and beverages sold conveniently to be healthier, as reported by Earth. We Are One. Gilly Vending, the Miami-based company responsible for the vending machines, is acting progressively towards the mandate by having developed a ready-made menu planogram that meets United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition requirements. Not only that, they plan to work with residents to meet specific needs. This includes offering gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options.

Evidently, the example set by Hollywood, Florida is now making its rounds across the country. Washington D.C., for example, will soon require at least half of their vending offerings to meet healthy nutritional standards set on existing federal guidelines.

As of now, it is unreported how long it will take for all the vending machines in Hollywood, Florida to transition to the new mandate. Still, for those who consent to organic, non-GMO diet, such a mandate will make it easier for them to attain said food and beverage. Most of the time, they are delegated to organic stores, farmer's markets, and limited options in the organic sections of conventional grocery stores, which can make finding such food and beverage a challenge.

[Images via Earth. We Are One]