Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson Lock Lips; Will It Save Them From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Elimination?

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson finished Week 8 of Dancing With the Stars at the bottom of the leader board, with a combined score of 62/80. Robert and Kym keep defying the odds against elimination, perhaps because of their “chemistry” on the dance floor. As Monday was “America’s Choice,” the pair shared a kiss during their performance, to the appropriately-titled song “Champagne Kisses.”

The kiss was somewhat expected and received a mixed reception from bloggers after the show. TV Guide admired the couple for their restraint: “[I]t wasn’t as over-the-top passionate as I expected – which was a good thing.” The Wall Street Journal objected to an imposed showmance but complimented Robert on his attire: “for a 51-year-old, he’s got a nice chest.” Time seemed to lay it out matter-of-factly: “America is determined to play matchmaker between Robert and Kym, so they are stuck with a package demanding a kiss (on the lips!), followed by a sultry bare-chested, bare-footed routine.”

Fans of Dancing With the Stars won’t know until Tuesday night whether fan votes saved Robert and Kym for another week. There are only six couples remaining, and two are set to depart after Tuesday night’s elimination show. Robert and Kym took to Twitter after the program to thank fans for their support and to give one last pitch for votes.

Before the show Monday, People published some of Kym’s comments on Robert and his time on the program.

“He’s got the best outlook. He’s completely out of his comfort zone – he’s a businessman who’s been thrown into this, and he’s embraced it. So I think he has the spirit of the show. I’ve loved every single day of working with him.

“We’re working harder than we’ve ever worked before.”

Going into Tuesday night’s elimination, the teams are split between judges’ favorites — Rumer and Val, Nastia and Sasha and Derek, Riker and Allison — and the teams who have struggled to gain points. Noah and Sharna, Chris and Witney, Robert and Kym have all gotten ahead on fan support.

Dancing With the Stars airs 8 p.m. Tuesday. The semi-finals are set for next Monday.

[Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson image: Getty]