Michelle Obama, Barack Obama Love Embarrassing Sasha And Malia, First Lady Talks Disciplining Daughters

Michelle Obama has opened up about her parenting techniques, admitting that she and Barack Obama love to embarrass both 16-year-old Sasha and 13-year-old Malia.

The First Lady admitted during an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, via Radar Online, which will air on Monday evening, that she and President Obama discipline their daughters by threatening to embarrass them.

“Barrack and I take great joy in embarrassing our children. We threaten them with jealousy.

Sometimes when you see me whispering to the kids in a crowd I’m telling them, ‘Sit up straight or I’m going to embarrass you. I’m going to start dancing,’ and they’re like, ‘Mom, no, please don’t, stop.’ But we get that.

Our kids are as humiliated by us as the next, but they take it on good stride. They put up with us.”

Michelle Obama also discussed how she will continue to watch over her kids once they’ve left the White House and are living away from the pair at college.

“I threaten that I’m going to buy an apartment near their campuses and I’m going to come visit them and sit in their classes but that’s an idle threat.”

But despite her constant jokes about her daughters, Michelle Obama admitted that she is very proud of them and believes that they are going to grow into fine women.

“I’ve spent my children’s entire lives raising them to be independent, confident, young women who are ready to build great lives for themselves and to see them take each step.

Education has always been at the foundation of the messages that we have in our household and it was there for us, me and Barack, even though our parents didn’t have resources, college was a part of the independence.

So, we’re going to celebrate that and I’m going to happy to see them thriving on campuses and doing work-study jobs and traveling and having all these wonderful independent experiences that are going to make them phenomenal people.”

Even though she’s looking forward to seeing how her children evolve, Michelle Obama admitted that their impending departures will be hard on the President.

“The beauty is that teenagers help you along because the older they get the less they want to be bothered with you.

So Barack and I spend most weekends staring at each other because somebody’s at a basketball game, somebody’s at a dance, somebody’s sleeping over.

We’re the last people our kids want to be with so I think they’re conditioning us for that empty nest syndrome. But we’re not relishing that at all. I don’t know what we’re going to do. I’ve got to get him some more hobbies.”

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