Twitter Pro accounts coming this year

According to Jessica E. Vascellaro at Wall Street Journal we could see the arrival of commercial (Pro) accounts in Twitterland at some point this year. The accounts would offer users more features in exchange for a fee but Twitter hasn’t set a date for them being implemented.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says the San Francisco start-up is watching the outside initiatives closely as it prepares to launch its own fee-based services this year, but doesn’t view them as competition. “We want to work with those companies that are already making an effort,” he says.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Ms. Vascellaro also says that Twitter will be getting a cut from one of the outside businesses that has sprung up to ride Twitter’s coattails. The first of these cut deals is ExecTweets which was launched by Federated Media, an online advertising network, and is sponsored by Microsoft. Federated Media has said that it plans to share some of the sponsorship revenue with Twitter.

[hat tip to Silicon Alley Insider]