Dog Found Living Inside Tree Seeks ‘Very Patient’ Forever Home

On April 30, the Dodo reported that Boo, a lonely and scared dog, was rescued from her unconventional home. The scared pup had taken up residence in a hollow tree and did not want to leave.

Authorities in Sonoma Country, California, were alerted to the dog and sent an animal control officer to check things out. After rescuing the pooch, the officer named the seven-pound dog Boo from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Boo had to be processed and kenneled to see if any owners would show up.

Unfortunately, none did.

Shirley Zindler, an animal control officer and author of The Secret Lives of Dog Catchers, was one of the authorities on hand to assist with the rescue. It was Zindler who noticed the pup was pregnant.

“A little generic mixed breed of maybe 7 pounds and very underweight, she struggled in my arms, eyes bugging in terror and trying to bite. Her ribs and hips were clearly visible but her rounded belly showed her to be pregnant.”

The poor dog was barely a year old and already in the process of becoming a mother. Sadly, Boo went into labor a few days after the rescue and gave birth to a stillborn puppy. Emergency surgery was needed to save Boo’s life. None of the puppies survived the ordeal.

Since Boo was coaxed from her tree home, she has been slowly recovering. She is shy and still very scared of humans, but she’s becoming more active. With the help of other animal friends, Boo is learning it is okay to trust humans.

Maybe the bigger dog helps Boo feel safe.

Concerned citizens have been lending a helping hand, sending treats and toys to Zindler for Boo. Zindler hopes that such gifts will help Boo come out of her shell.

According to Facebook, Boo the tree dog is slowly becoming tolerant of a human’s touch.

“Little Boo from the tree trunk is recovering from surgery and has gained a little weight. She is still very shy and resistant to touch most of the time but she is starting to respond and approach. Once I pick her up she tolerates handling and hopefully will learn to love it.”

Boo is getting use to being held.

Sadly, animals are abandoned on a daily basis, including those that cannot fend for themselves, such as kittens. Animal control officers such as Shirley Zindler are truly making a difference in the lives of animals.

Zindler keeps fans updated via her Facebook page, where anyone can catch up on Boo’s progress.

[Photos via Shirley Zindler/Facebook]