Layoffs Announced: Dow Chemicals, Target, GM, Style, Tufts University, And HP Make The News - Maybe McDonald's, Too

Paula Mooney

The term "layoffs" is a popular one being buzzed about on Monday, May 4, mostly because a new Carly Fiorina website shows 30,000 layoffs that occurred at HP when the 2016 presidential hopeful was CEO, a move that teaches political hopefuls everywhere to register all versions of their name before announcing their run for the White House, as reported by the Inquisitr.

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Although McDonald's CEO plans to trim $300 million in yearly expenses, reports the Wall Street Journal, and talked about getting rid of red tape and speeding up the franchising process, Steve Easterbrook didn't use the word "layoffs" specifically.

"Layers of bureaucracy will be stripped away to allow more nimble decision making and action. Progress will be bumpy and uneven. But the U.S. is now on the right path."

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) April 29, 2015