June 29, 2017
Man Pulls Out Woman's Teeth While Having Sex Because He Likes 'Gummy' Woman Found Guilty

Philip Lyle Hansen, 56, has pleaded not guilty to 11 charges linked to similar attacks on four different women, in which it was alleged that he attempted to or did pull womens' teeth out with pliers while having sex in the back seat of his car. To say he has a fetish or compulsion is to put it mildly. One victim alleged that Hansen leaned in to kiss her, then horrifically and unexpectedly pulled out her teeth with pliers, according to METRO.

An unnamed woman testified in the Wellington District Court in New Zealand that Hansen attacked her. It was alleged that the man pulled out a tooth with pliers while they were having sex in the back of his car. She said the following, according to METRO.

"We were having sex and he started talking about my tooth again – I told him not to touch it. I don't know why or how but he had these pliers and just had them on my tooth and was shaking the tooth backwards and forwards. T he tooth came out and he just threw it out the window."
Three other women testified against Hansen, and stated that he indicated that he would save them money on dental bills and that he liked "gummy women." He had no dental background.

In addition to pleading not guilty to 11 charges, including unlawful sexual contact, Hansen was also charged with wounding with intent to injure four women, according to World Wide Weird News. The charges span over a period of more than 20 years from 1988 to 2011, and are alleged to have occurred at various locations in the Hutt Valley area in Wellington, New Zealand.

One of the women who testified against him stated that Hansen pulled out a pair of pliers and an oily rag. Amazingly, she alleged that while he held her pinned against car door, Hansen then removed six of her bottom teeth with a pair of pliers, and threw them outside the car window. Of course, removing teeth is usually painful and bloody, and she indicated that he used the oily rag to stop the bleeding. The woman said that although she had been drinking, she didn't think that she was intoxicated, and stated the following, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"I think at the time he said he didn't like woman with bad breath and smokers. After that sixth tooth came out I got him to stop... I was getting sore and I didn't want him to go any further. That was the start of the rest of my teeth coming out."
Crown prosecutor Sally Carter indicated that the evidence would show Hansen's bizarre fascination, and obsession, with women's teeth, and she stated the following according to the New Zealand Herald.
"[He] bizarrely had a fascination with their teeth, or a fascination or obsession with them not having any teeth... He liked his women without teeth."
Hansen has been found guilty of six assault and indecent assault charges, according to the Independent. He will be sentenced on June 19.

[Photo By Peter MacDiarmid/Getty Images]