Ford Mustang Posts Best Sales Figures In 10 Years In April, Crushes Camaro And Challenger Sales

Ford Mustang hit record sales during April, posting the best sales figures in a decade. In fact, sales were so strong it outpaced both the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger combined. The Ford Mustang sold over 13,144 units, while the Camaro and the Challenger sold 6,909 and 6,771 units, respectively.

At the current pace, Ford is projected to sell over 100,000 units for 2015 by averaging 7,130 units per month from May through December. For the first third of the calendar year, Ford sold over 42,955 units.

Although critics insist the high sales figures are due to Ford’s release of a new model, when the sales figures of the 2015 Mustang are compared to the sales figures of the most recent model of Camaro, the Ford Mustang clearly demonstrates stronger sales. The Mustang is currently on its sixth generation, while the Camaro is a fifth generation with the release of the next generation in May, according to Torque News.

One of the major advantages that the Ford Mustang has over the Camaro and the Challenger is its international market. The current model of the Ford Mustang for sale in the international market compares to the the Porsche and Ferrari. Ford’s release of its Mustang Convertible is comparable to the Audi A5 Quattro, BMW 428i, Infiniti Q60, and Lexus IS 350C.

What makes the new Mustang the most outstanding value in the market is its price. Its base sticker price is listed at $29,300 for a basic model with a 300-hp 3.5L V6 engine and six-speed manual transmission. For those who want a six speed automatic transmission, expect to add an additional $1,195 to all models.

Ford also offers a 2.3 liter four cylinder engine that produces 300HP and gets better fuel economy and is more powerful than its standard V6 model. It costs $34,800. For those wanting something faster, the 425HP V8 Mustang GT convertible starts at around $41,800. Models available include the coupe, convertible, GT, and Shelby GT 500, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The race between the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro is far from over, though. On Thursday, GM released the view of the rear for its sixth generation Camaro, with the public debut of the new design to take place on May 16. Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global design, promised a leaner and more muscular design for the new Camaro, according to Digital Trends.

“The Camaro went to the gym and came out with a lithe, more athletic physique for the sixth generation,” said Ed Welburn, vice president, GM Global Design. “It’s a more expressive evolution of the Camaro’s iconic character – and one that complements its leaner size and sharper reflexes.”

Do you think the new Camaro will be enough to beat the sales of the Ford Mustang?

[Photo Credit Ford]