Man Wins $75,000 Lotto Prize, Only Claims $75 Of His Lottery Winning Ticket

The search is on for a man who actually won $75,000 but only claimed $75 of his lotto prize, reports NBC Southern California. As seen in the above photo from a surveillance video from a Chevron station in Palmdale, California, the man appears to be in his 20s — and might be wearing a uniform. He also sports a backwards baseball cap.

The unknown guy claimed only $75 at the Palmdale Chevron gas station. However, he should’ve gotten $75,000 for his scratch-off ticket, which was a Wild West Poker ticket. He left the Chevron in the Los Angeles region with $75 when in actuality he should have been $75,000 richer — therefore, the public is being asked to identify the man so he can collect his real winnings.

The $75,000 winner turned in his ticket to the station at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25 — and Shamsun Nahar Islam, the manager of the Chevron station related that the cashier who helped the winning man inadvertently gave him $75 instead of $75,000 — and when the cashier realized the mistake, that the ticket was really worth $75,000, she knew they had to get the word out to find the real winner and make recompense.

“I hope the right person comes and picks up the ticket.”

Although the Chevron manager understood the cashier’s mistake and even got in touch with lottery officials in order to clear up the mistake, the winner still hasn’t been identified. The man who needs to collect his $75,000 payday was driving a big truck, according to the Chevron manager.

The man’s misfortune at not receiving his true winnings yet is a lesson in using all the tools available to scratch-off ticket players to verify their own winnings. Most scratch-off tickets have a space at the bottom of the ticket that allow users to scratch off the covering to reveal a code that can be scanned by a lottery machine that immediately tells them if they’ve won or not. In this instance, since the $75,000 was such a large amount of cash — the machine should’ve indicated that the man would have to go through additional steps to claim his winnings via the lottery office or other official means. Doing so might’ve avoided the $75 snafu.

Another successful lottery win recently included the ‘Lucky 16’ Manhattan co-workers who won $58 million in a lottery jackpot, reports the Inquisitr‎ — which states how the colleagues collaborated to win the New York Mega Millions lottery by buying tickets across various states, with each giving around $4 each week.

[Image via David Gregory/Palmdale Chevron Station]