Iliza Shlesinger, ‘Last Comic Standing,’ Gets Personal with Howard Stern

Iliza Shlesinger, the sharp-tongued comedian who won NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” winner, appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” Wednesday morning. The comedian talked about her life on the road, the challenges of being the winner, and — of course — some slightly less PG subjects.

Iliza Shlesinger: ‘Last Comic Standing’

Iliza Shlesinger has recently toured with the other top finalists from the “Last Comic Standing” show. She told Stern the other four comedians — all men — don’t really talk to her much on the road and seem to resent her victory. (She received $250,000 for winning the show.)

Stern asked if people fell in love with her backstage. Shlesinger said people don’t really hit on her and she doesn’t have a boyfriend, which prompted Stern to ask if she liked girls. Shlesinger knocked that notion down, saying she doesn’t even like to hug her girlfriends.

Iliza Shlesinger’s Strip Club Days

Iliza Shlesinger told Stern she worked for a strip club for a few days when she needed money before beginning college — but before you jump to any conclusions, she wasn’t doing the dancing. She checked coats, she said, and never took off her own clothes. Shlesinger did say, however, that she learned a few things from the girls on the stage.

Shlesinger also spoke about her loathe of mirrors in the bedroom and her problem with the common name for a certain sexual position. You can check out the NSFW details for yourself at this summary page of the show.

As for what’s next, Shlesinger told Stern she’s already doing her own online talk show at and is hoping to move on to even bigger things.

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Iliza Shlesinger Video

The following video shows Iliza Shlesinger performing standup comedy.