CW 'Arrow'/ 'The Flash' Spin-Off: Firestorm Actor Drops Some Serious Information Regarding New CW Show

To say that CW's Arrow and The Flash TV shows are a hit for the network, and comic book TV adaptations, would be an understatement. With shows like Gotham, Constantine, iZombie and the forthcoming Supergirl it is clear that having your own comic book show, as a network, is crucial. So, the CW network has the most, and is the clear trailblazer for the genre.

As the Inquisitr has been reporting, the network that still holds the most comic book TV adaptations, and it is about to add one more.

So far, fans have been treated to a slow roll out of updates regarding casting and characters, but little has been known about just when the new CW comic book adaptation might be expected. The forthcoming Arrow/The Flash spin-off is reportedly titled Legends of Tomorrow.

According to Design and Trend, Victor Garber or one-half of the character Firestorm, suggests that CW viewers and comic book fans might not need to wait too much longer for the Flash/Arrow spin-off.

"We haven't filmed any of it yet, but it is going straight to series. We start filming in August and it will be on in January...can't tell...much about it except it is completely new and it will involve a lot of interesting people."
Though the CW actor gives specific dates, he had very little details beyond that, but however he stated that more information was coming soon. He suggested before the month of May was over, Comicbook reports.
"They are going to unveil more details about it soon. I believe they are going to do something for it in May at the upfronts."
Garber is just one-half of one of the characters that is slated to be among the cast of the Flash/Arrow spin-off. It will also star Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (Heatwave), Brandon Routh (The Atom), Ciara Renée (Hawkgirl), Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter), Franz Drameh (Jay Jackson) and Caity Lotz, possibly as a character that so far is dead and buried on the CW show Arrow.

However, for anyone paying attention to a recent Arrow episode trailers for the episode that utilized the infamous Lazarus Pit, a character that resembled the side profile of Sara Lance was seen walking around the League of Assasins headquarters on Nanda Parabat. It could just have been a future clip of Laurel, but it is yet to be seen.

There has been no other confirmation on the dates presented, or if we will have more details in the month of May, but Arrow and The Flash fans can still hope, pray, keep their fingers and toes crossed.

[Image Via Deadline/CW]