Angelika Graswald Murder Charge: Did She Kill Her Fiance Or Was It An Accident? [Video]

Angelika Graswald called her deceased fiance, Vincent Viafore, "the love of her life". Yet Angelika is now charged with the murder of her fiance, thanks in large part to her own diary.

The public was initially sympathetic toward Graswald, who had claimed that Vincent died accidentally while the duo were kayaking on April 19. Vincent Viafore, a native of Poughkeepsie, New York, is thought to have drowned when rough waters overturned his kayak, dumping him into the Hudson River. Angelika Graswald was found by police after she was rescued by a passing boat.

She was initially thought to have vacated her kayak in an attempt to save the life of Viafore. Graswald was wearing a lifejacket at the time of the alleged accident; Viafore was not. She was reportedly treated for symptoms of hypothermia shortly after being found.

This situation appeared to be a tragic accident, but law enforcement soon had their doubts. Suspicion about Graswald's involvement in Viafore's death and disappearance arose due to the inconsistencies in her explanation about the event. Angelika doesn't deny the inconsistencies; she instead blames them on the "crazy" nature of what happened.

A diary that police claim belongs to Angelika Graswald also led them to believe she purposely killed her fiance. According to the journal, the sexual nature of their relationship was wearing thin on the 35-year-old, a native of Latvia. She was said to have wished for his death to avoid giving into his sexual desires. The words cast a shadow on Graswald's innocence.

Despite the inconsistencies in Graswald's story and what she said in her diary, there is some doubt as to whether or not there is enough evidence for a possible conviction. Without a body to examine for proof of foul play, is there enough circumstantial evidence to prove murder?

For her part, Angelika Graswald tearfully denied killing a man she insists she loved very much. According to Graswald, the entries police are using against her are "outdated" entries, written during the "low points" in their relationship.

"Of course I didn't do it. He was the love of my life."

Angelika Graswald was arrested on Wednesday while placing flowers not far away from where the fatal kayaking incident is said to have occurred. She recently told News 12 that she suspects police believe she tampered with Vincent's kayak in order to assure it would turn over. Law enforcement officials would not comment on why Graswald was charged with murder or what evidence they had that connected her to Vincent's death.

Prosecutors expect to present their case against Angelika next week. The search for the body of Vincent Viafore continues.

Do you believe that Angelika Griswald is guilty or the victim of a terrible misunderstanding?

[Image Credit: WABC/ABC News/kajcaertaieraper]