Pit Bull Stolen: Armed Robbers Steal Family's Pregnant Dogs At Gun Point

David Joseph

Despite the face that pit bulls are viewed as a dog you should not go near, pet, or even look the wrong way at, somehow they sometimes manage to get stolen. The Inquisitr reported on Duke the pit bull, that is believed to have been stolen to be used in dog fighting. The formerly abused pit bull was believed to have been used as a "bait dog" in a dogfighting ring. According to WGN TV, a slew of pit bulls were recently stolen from a family in Chicago, Illinois.

The family, who runs a pit bull breeding business, are out $15,000 worth of pit bulls. Julio Nieves, 72, was merely trying to come to the states from Puerto Rico to help his daughter and son-in-law out with their pit bull business. Julio did not know what these creeps wanted, but he did not care. He feared for his life.

"The guy who's got the pistol in the hand– he tell me to go down, so i go down on the floor and he keeps the gun to my head and I just tell him don't shoot me."
"We are animal lovers, these dogs go to shows, they been in events, we do love them, we care for them. We don't know who out there has them right now.. And i don't think the purpose of them taking them was to treat them well."

Though, with a $15,000 price tag on these pit bull mothers-to-be, it leaves too much to the imagination. Hopefully, the individuals that stole these poor pit bulls' mothers will found and brought in soon.

[Image via Creative Commons]