Cancelled TV Shows 2015: ‘CSI’ Could Be On The Chopping Block, May Not Return Next Year

The list of canceled TV shows in 2015 could have a surprising addition, with CSI reportedly in danger of being canned after 15 seasons on the air.

The CBS crime procedural show has been a stalwart, bringing in big ratings and spawning off three different spin-off series. But now there are rumors that CSI could be canceled, with CBS either letting it run out this season or possibly ordering a short season next year to give it a final chapter.

There have already been signs that CSI could be cancelled in 2015, with CBS cutting back the number of episodes this year. The show aired 18 episodes this year, the least since the writers strike of 2007-08.

Deadline compared the situation to Law & Order‘s abrupt cancellation five years ago, with the NBC show being canned after the season had ended, giving fans no closure.

“The same goes for CSI, where Elisabeth Shue’s character Julie spent the Season 15 closer in a coma, briefly opening her eyes in the final minutes. At least for L&O the cancellation call came before the final three episodes had aired, giving fans an opportunity to savor them knowing they are the last. With CSI, viewers won’t have that option as the show wrapped its 18-episode 15th season in February with little fanfare.”

There are already bad signs for CSI. Back in March, TV By The Numbers rated CSI as “certain” to be canceled, but so far there is no word from CBS on what will happen to the show.

CSI is not the only crime procedural show reportedly on the chopping block. There are rumors that the popular show Bones could be headed toward a contract stalemate that will spell the end of the series.

The Fox series has seen its ratings dip this season, reaching all-time lows for viewership.

As TV By The Numbers explained, it wouldn’t the the ratings that does the show in, however.

“Bones ratings are bumping along at their series low, and are at just 70 [percent] of Fox’s scripted ratings average in 2015,” the report noted. “Even for a veteran show, that’s typically in the Cancellation Bear‘s ‘likely canceled’ prediction range.”

“Unlike [the] similarly low-rated The Following, Bones is produced by Fox, which the bear figures gives it reasonable chance for renewal, if the actors can be signed to new contracts. In these cases, the bear assumes that the contracts get signed, because that usually, but not always, happens.”

If CSI does join the list of TV shows cancelled in 2015, fans would only be able to look back to savor the series. This season’s finale aired in February.

[Image via CBS]