Check Out Will Smith's Bald Head As Deadshot On The Set Of 'Suicide Squad'

Benjamin Simon

Early photos of Will Smith as Deadshot for the upcoming Suicide Squad film have surfaced on the internet. Yesterday's photos earned Smith some mild teasing from internet users for resembling his character from the 1999 film The Wild Wild West. But some brand new shots of Will Smith on the set of Suicide Squad have hit the net, and he's looking a lot more menacing. He's gone completely bald.

According to the Daily Mail, Will Smith was spotted leaving the Toronto set of Suicide Squad with a full beard and a totally shaved head. Despite looking like a rough and tumble antihero, Smith was still polite enough to stop and meet with some fans who recognized his new bald look. The photos show the cue-ball-topped superstar giving a camera a goofy grin that fans probably won't see on Will Smith's Deadshot when Suicide Squad hits theaters.

While Will Smith was very friendly with the folks who came to meet him, he did have some harsh words for comic book fans who might dare to leak plot details from Suicide Squad on the internet before the movie is released. When he was asked if he could reveal any information at all about the upcoming superhero film, Will Smith said the following.

"No sir, I'd have to kill you. It's top secret but it's really good, though. It's great stuff, fantastic. I'm already in shape for it, I'm already training."

Speaking of the Joker, other pictures from the set of Suicide Squad have gone viral lately as well, namely the photos that suggest Jared Leto's joker won't be covered in the ridiculous tattoos that the early promo shot suggested. Read more about it here.

What do you think of Will Smith's bald look as Deadshot? Which character are you most excited to see in costume? And will you be seeing Suicide Squad when it premieres?