Kevin Moore, Filmer Of Freddie Gray Video, Arrested By Police And Released [Video]

According to Kevin Moore, the man who filmed the arrest of Freddie Gray, said that police had Gray folded up like origami, with his knees in his back, and in a video on the Baltimore Sun, Moore can be seen saying that police denied or ignored Freddie’s requests for his inhaler, and that viewers can see Gray’s legs dragging as police took him away, with Freddie seeming unable to walk after police allegedly manhandled him.

And now, 28-year-old Moore – a man who was reportedly a friend of Freddie’s who rushed outside when he heard Gray screaming for help – has been arrested. The Freddie videographer was arrested at gunpoint, reports The Independent – ‎a publication that recounts Kevin’s claims of fully cooperating with the police from the Baltimore Police Department’s Office of Internal Oversight. Despise that cooperation, Moore was still wanted for questioning and eventually arrested. In the viral video, the 25-year-old Freddie can be seen hollering for help as police officers hover over him on the ground and eventually drag him away — a video that sparked outrage and protests and looting In Baltimore at Mondawmin Mall, CVS, and Save-A-Lot stores across the region, as reported by the Inquisitr.

In time, Moore was released. However, Chad Jackson and Tony White – two activists associated with Kevin as colleagues – are still being held, and their activism group called Cop Watch is seeking help from an attorney.

The video of Gray was filmed outside the Gilmor Homes complex in Baltimore, and Moore claims that the police used pubic intimidation against Kevin simply because he filmed Gray’s controversial arrest and retaliated by releasing Moore’s photo and asking the public for help, telling the general public that Kevin was wanted for questioning, as if he did something wrong. An additional video of Freddie’s arrest was also filmed by a woman who didn’t want her face shown on camera. Kevin used his own phone to record the famous video of Freddie’s arrest, the same video he turned over to police.

“They lifted him up by his pants, and he wasn’t responding, and they threw him in that paddy wagon…it wasn’t like they took him out to see what was going on with him.”

[Image via Kevin Moore video]