Yolanda Foster Has Message For Brandi Glanville About Wine Launch: What Did She Say?

Yolanda Foster has been battling her Lyme disease for quite some time, and it sounds like she continues to battle Lyme disease on a daily basis in hopes of getting better. A few months ago, Yolanda suffered a major relapse, and she took some time for herself to deal with the disease. Foster has been traveling around the world to find the best possible treatment. She is currently in Germany.

Even though The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has been questioning her friendships on the show, she remains supportive of those who are supportive of her. Many of the housewives have not been there for her as she was bedridden for 18 months, but she and Brandi Glanville have become great friends.

According to a new tweet, Yolanda Foster is giving Brandi lots of support from a distance with Glanville’s recent wine launch. Last night, Glanville launched her first wine, and she had a party for the wine. But since Yolanda has been traveling the world to find a cure and get treatment, she could not attend. However, Foster had some encouraging words for Glanville.

“Congrats from Germany Brandi Glanville on the launch of your Chardonnay “Filtered Blonde” #SingleMommyInAction,” Yolanda Foster revealed from Germany, as her friend celebrated the launch of her new wine product.

It sounds like Glanville had quite the night last night, as many people showed up to support her. Even though Yolanda Foster is struggling to keep a positive attitude, Brandi didn’t seem to mind that Foster didn’t attend. These two have been hanging out away from the spotlight, as Brandi has been visiting Foster in her Malibu home.

A new report claims that Yolanda Foster’s health may have taken a turn for the worse. It is no secret that Yolanda had a relapse right before Christmas, so it is very possible that she hasn’t quite recovered from that relapse. Foster recently posted a picture of her son carrying her out of their home, possibly on the way to the airport. This picture of Yolanda being carried out of the home sparked concerns that things have taken a turn for the worse.

According to the Inquisitr, Yolanda Foster recently experienced a major loss in the family. Her beloved family dog, Lucky, passed away at the age of 14. This was clearly a hurtful loss for Yolanda.

What do you think about Yolanda Foster’s sweet message for Brandi Glanville?

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