Royal Baby Born Today? Police Convoy Spotted, Kate Middleton Could Give Birth At Any Moment

While rumors were flying Friday morning that the royal baby would be born today, with Kate Middleton supposedly going into labor, signs indicated that there may be some substance to the speculation as a police convoy was spotted roaring toward St. Mary’s Hospital.

That’s the facility — the hospital’s Lindo Wing, specifically — where the Duchess of Cambridge is scheduled to give birth to her second royal baby, a baby that at least one member of the Royal Family hopes will be a princess. The baby’s grandfather, Prince Charles, has made his preference public already.

England’s Express newspaper reported the police convoy sighting earlier Friday, with the headline, “Looks like today’s the day!”

“The cars are headed north bound on Edgware Road from Marble Arch, turned left onto Sussex Gardens in the direction of the royal baby hospital – sparking huge excitement that the great Kate Wait appeared to be over,” the paper reported.

“I’ve seen this before. When the police start bringing in barriers and stuff to control the media pack you know something is about to happen,” said one “seasoned royal baby watcher” quoted by the Express.

The sighting was originally reported around 8:30 a.m. London time — 4:30 a.m. United States Eastern Time — by Gordon Raynerm, a reporter for another British daily newspaper, the Telegraph.

But photos published online showed a motorcade that appeared to consist of three vehicles, not just two, led by a police officer on a motorcycle.

Widespread reports in the British media have claimed that the due date for the royal baby to be born was actually April 25, meaning that Kate Middleton on Friday would be six days overdue. This led to speculation that doctors would not wait more than a week to induce labor.

In other words, Friday, May 1, would be the next-to-last day that Kate Middleton could go into labor before her doctors take matters into their own hands.

On Tuesday, there were also reports of increased activity around and at the Lindo Wing, causing a media frenzy as members of the royal media relations contingent showed up and security details appeared to get reinforcements.

But not only was no new royal baby born that day, But Kate Middleton herself was seen driving away from Buckingham palace, where she supposedly took toddler Prince George for a swim in the Queen’s private pool.

[Image: WPA Pool/Getty Images]