Justin Bieber Debuts Hipster Hairstyle On Instagram, Gets 1.1 Million Likes

Justin Bieber fans can now see his new hairstyle up close and personal on Instagram.

The heartthrob finally Instagram-debuted his precision-style ‘do on Thursday. It’s already racked up over 1.1 million “Likes.” Knowing exactly what his fans want, Justin didn’t attach a caption and just let his hair do the talking.

It’s a return to short sides and a longer side-sweep in the front. Colorwise, the “Where Are U Now” singer has gone for a honey shade of blonde rather than the harsher platinum he has been trying to grow out since his December tragedy.

Some have dubbed the look a hipster haircut, and we agree. After months of watching the singer try to avoid cutting out the damage from his platinum job, it’s great to see the Biebs rocking a fashion forward, expertly styled look.

Justin’s Instagram share comes two days after his manager, Scooter Braun, revealed the singer’s new locks in a Lion King-themed Instagram video on Tuesday.

The Canadian first revealed he had gone for the chop on April 21, when he posted a pic of his frizzy, damaged looking hair with the note, “This is gone.”

He shared a grainy selfie three days later, but it wasn’t clear.

Since then, the Biebs hotfooted it over to Rome, Italy. After a Facebook teaser on Monday, which included the iconic “So hot right now” line from Zoolander, the cat was let out of the proverbial bag early Wednesday when Justin and director-star Ben Stiller announced the singer’s cameo in Zoolander 2 with a “Blue Steel” face-off shot.

In the caption to the Stiller-Bieber pic (which has oddly pulled in less “Likes” than Justin’s solo pic), the 21-year-old assured fans that his short, black, spiked hair was just a wig.

Reveals of Justin trying to get out of a cage on the set of the sequel surfaced online a day later, giving fans a look at the singer’s hair in action.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Biebs get into a spot of bother on Stiller's set in the wee hours of April 30)

Other candids of him on the street with locals in Rome, at a restaurant, and at the airport also popped up.

Throughout his career, millions have been fascinated by the Biebs’ hairstyles. From 2009’s bowl, to 2010’s swoop, 2011’s shorter cut, his preppy style in 2012, 2013’s quiff, variations on that throughout 2014, to December’s platinum, and a brief ponytail — it now looks as if the style-conscious star has settled on a barnet he’s happy with.

Dare fans hope this means an end to Justin’s reliance on Fedoras and sports hats? Who knows? But if it doesn’t, at least he has a suave, new hairstyle he can whip out at will.

Team Bieber and the hair God have now left Rome.

[Images via Instagram/GC Images/AKM-GSI]