UFOs Over Vancouver, British Columbia, Baffle Residents

Are UFOs hovering over Vancouver, British Columbia?

A strange object in the sky appeared to be a UFO for sure from the point of view of some Vancouver residents on Monday night, as they joined an ongoing and growing list of people that have a 2015 UFO sighting story to tell.

That said, "a strange object" (aka: UFO) made its presence very well known to those Vancouver residents, reports CTV News Vancouver.

Brian and Melissa Cooper of Esquimalt, B.C., were reportedly kicking back in bed Monday night, watching a movie, when a couple of UFOs caught their eye, colorful lights bouncing around in the night sky outside their window, forcing them to sit up and take notice.

"We were like 'what the hell is that?'" said Brian Cooper to CTV News Vancouver. "At that point we were at a loss for words."

Despite being at a loss for words, Brian and Melissa Cooper whipped out their video camera to capture the UFO phenomena unfolding before their eyes, Brian guessing it may have been a military craft of some sort, but in no way able to rule out that it was a UFO of alien origin.

"I have never seen anything like this in my life, (and) I'm a very skeptical person," said Brian.

Using their cell phone to capture footage of the UFO from the deck of their apartment, Cooper said the UFO seemed to be about the size of a "Volkswagen."

UFOs Canada Vancouver
UFOs buzzing the Canadian skies of British Columbia left residents amazed and thrilled in wonder.

Of course, quick explanations followed, with some shouting "Drone!" But, according to Cooper, the UFO he and his wife witnessed moved far faster than any drone he was aware of, and was a "circular craft" with lights spinning "in all different directions."

According to Cooper, he and Melissa first noticed the two UFOs around 8:30 p.m., one of the bizarre crafts disappearing into the night sky while the other UFO remained. In fact, the UFO's flight included an apparent excursion over nearby Esquimalt Navy base.

But the folks at Esquimalt didn't report any military exercises taking place at the time, nor any UFOs they had sighted. But somebody that DID also witness the UFOs was the Cooper's upstairs neighbor, Veralynn Weaver.

"I have no idea," said Weaver, regarding the UFOs. "I've grown up on military bases and I've never seen anything like that."

And with British Columbia UFO sightings being quite common, the Coopers and Ms. Weaver aren't alone. UFOs, drones, or military craft: something is definitely flying the Canadian skies.

"Myself personally, I do not have a rational explanation of what is was," said Brian Cooper.

So, while many media outlets continue to question if what people are seeing in the sky are actual UFOs or not, for now, chalk this up to another UFO sighting over B.C.

[Images via CTV News Vancouver]