‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Shay Mitchell Spills More Secrets

[Warning: This article may contain spoilers for season six of Pretty Little Liars]

It seems one Pretty Little Liars star has the goods on everything PLL fans want to know. Shay Mitchell, known for her role as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, seems to know just what fans want to hear, because she recently gave up some juicy details on Big A, Alison, the time jump — and Paily.

Mitchell admitted to feeling more than a little paranoid about not revealing too much and violating her non-disclosure agreement. In fact, Pretty Little Liars runs such a tight ship that even the PLL stars don’t get the scripts for premiere and finale episodes until they’re ready to start filming.

“Honestly we get it about two days ahead of time. For the finales and the premieres we honestly don’t get to see the script until we’re in the room. Our names are sprawled across it, like if we lose it, we’re fired. We’re all so tight-lipped about it. Whenever I leave it in my car I have to run back, take the script out of my car because I’m nervous! What if somebody walked by?”

The style of filming on the set of Pretty Little Liars makes it difficult to know exactly what episode the show is currently filming, but Shay estimates that Pretty Little Liars is currently filming the third or fourth episode of Season 6. Shay said that the first episode will answer many of the questions PLL fans have regarding the current situation, as it was left off in the fifth season finale. Ms. Mitchell revealed that the episode will reveal the reason for the dollhouse as well as how long they might be trapped. Shay also said that PLL fans will finally learn more about Charles.

Off screen, Mitchell revealed that, although she is close to each of her Pretty Little Liars co-stars, Ashley Benson is counted among her closest friend. When they’re not busy on the set of Pretty Little Liars, Shay and Benson spend their time making videos together, which Ms. Mitchell posts to YouTube and to her Instagram account.

Does this mean there could be a Pretty Little Liars spin-off in the works for Emily and Hanna?

“I mean that would be very fun. I might have to talk to the writers about that.”

Shay admitted she would like to see Emily go away to college in the Pretty Little Liars time jump that will occur in Season 6 with Mitchell hoping “she can maybe be with Paige (Lindsey Shaw) again.”

Ms. Mitchell did tell PLL fans that Emily will continue to explore a variety of relationships, including a possible romance with Alison (Sasha Pieterse).

Pretty Little Liars will premiere on June 2 on ABC Family.

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