April 30, 2015
Does Hannah Wilson's Killer Know Where Lauren Spierer Is?

The man accused of killing Hannah Wilson is being investigated for possible ties to the disappearance of IU student Lauren Spierer. CBS News reports that 49-year-old Daniel Messel, a resident of Bloomington, Indiana, is currently jailed on various charges. He is accused of committing a violent act of murder on a college coed just a handful of years after the mysterious and high profile disappearance of another young woman who not only attended the same university, but who partied at the same bar the night she vanished. Are the many similar details in this case nothing more but a collection of coincidences, or does Daniel Messel hold the key to finding Lauren?

It has long been feared that at least one serial killer could be prowling the streets of Indiana -- as well as a 700 mile radius, including other states where women have gone missing under similar circumstances. In fact, since Lauren Spierer's 2011 disappearance, the fear of a serial killer picking up blonde, attractive coeds became a focus of media coverage. The Huffington Post wrote in 2012 that authorities were looking for possible ties in her case to murder suspect Clyde Gibson. Clyde Gibson is a serial killer who has been convicted in the deaths of at least three Indiana women. Apparently, no ties were found between Spierer and Gibson, but what about the man accused of killing Hannah Wilson?

Hannah Wilson was last seen by friends during a night of partying earlier this month. She and friends had partied together at the Bloomington Hotel, and then went together to Kilroy's Bar -- a destination that was also front-and-center in the Lauren Spierer case. However, Wilson was reportedly too intoxicated to go into the bar, so she was put in a cab that presumably took her home. Wilson's body was later found about 10 miles from the IU campus.

Lauren Spierer vanished in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011, after a night of drinking with her friends. She had even been drinking in Kilroy's bar, underage. The IU coed was reportedly so intoxicated that she needed assistance from her friends to keep her upright and to keep her from falling down. Friends of the missing IU coed claim that she walked home barefooted and high intoxicated. That was the last time anyone had seen or heard from Lauren, who is still missing today. Police in Bloomington are still investigating any possible connections, but say that so far there are no reasons to believe that Lauren's case is connected to the murder of Hannah Wilson.

[Photo: Bloomington Police Mugshot]