Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Allegedly Set For Mid-May Announcement

Microsoft Surface Pro fans were excited about the announcement of the Surface Pro 4 during the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, CA. So far, it has not been announced and the conference is wrapping up.

It’s important to note that Microsoft never actually said they would announce the new Surface Pro, but many just assumed they would. Digital Trends was one of the many tech sites that were left questioning why the Surface Pro 4 wasn’t announced.

“There was one missing announcement at BUILD 2015 that spoke as loudly as anything actually revealed; the new Surface Pro. Or lack of it. The current model was revealed at BUILD 2014 on May 20, 2014, and released in June. This year’s conference would’ve been an obvious place to introduce a new model, but Microsoft uttered no hint of on or off-stage.”

People also took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Those who are disappointed may want to calm down. This afternoon, Slash Gear revealed an alleged secret regarding the release of Microsoft’s upcoming tablet.

“This morning we’ve gotten word from an anonymous source that the Surface Pro 4 will be revealed at a special Microsoft event in mid-May…While we’ve not had extensive experience with our source before, we have great reason to believe this prediction will come true. Especially considering the extensive Surface Pro 4 leak earlier this week. A leak so extensive that many were shocked that the device wasn’t revealed yesterday, on day 1 of BUILD 2015.”

BGR thinks the Surface Pro 4 will have some features that are similar to both the Retina MacBook and Surface Pro 3.

“The Surface Pro 4 will also ditch the fan like the new slim MacBook, but that doesn’t mean it’ll pack an Intel Core M processor that will also reduce the performance of this pure Windows 10 computer…Apparently, the device will have a similar heat signature as the Surface Pro 3, as well, as it’ll pack a fifth-gen Intel Broadwell processor. Moreover, the laptop is expected to feature a 12-inch display with 2160 x 1440 resolution (same as the Surface Pro 3).”

Some believe it is doubtful that Microsoft would release a new Surface Pro 4 this month for two main reasons. First, the Surface Pro 4 has been said to be the first device to run Windows 10 and the new operating system won’t officially be released until July. Second, Microsoft is releasing the Surface 3 on May 4. In terms of marketing, releasing the Surface Pro 4 around the same time as the Surface 3 wouldn’t be considered a solid idea. When do you think the Surface Pro 4 will finally be released. Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]