Justin Bieber Wants To Hook Up With Selena Gomez As She Reportedly Hooks Up With Her Music Producer

Justin Bieber wants to hook up with Selena Gomez again. According to a new report, the singer is done hooking up with Ariana Grande, and now he wants Selena back again, but he doesn’t want to commit this time around.

Bieber is working hard to win Gomez back, according to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry. The two originally planned to get back together after Gomez broke up with Zedd. Grande then started flirting with Bieber, so he ditched Gomez. The Biebs then realized that Grande was only using him to make Big Sean jealous, so he wants Gomez back. The report also says that Gomez is talking to her ex-boyfriend Zedd again.

An alleged source told Hollywood Life that Justin Bieber doesn’t want a relationship this time around. He only wants to hook up with the “I Want You To Know” singer.

“Whether Selena is single or in a relationship, Justin gets what he wants all the time. He knows how to push her buttons and he only wants to see or talk to her when it benefits him.”

It sounds like Bieber is just using Gomez to get what he wants. That doesn’t help Gomez, who’s reportedly still obsessed with the “Boyfriend” singer.

“[Justin] wants to hook up with her again but he doesn’t want to date her right now. He knows its toxic, but he is down to hook up at anytime.”

Meanwhile, Selena is reportedly getting together with her producer Haze Banga, according to a new report in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly. Why is Selena really hooking up with her producer? Well, it’s not to make sweet music together.

“They started flirting online and it quickly became physical. One of the reasons she’s hanging out with Haze is to make [her ex, Justin Bieber] jealous. Selena knew this and that’s why they started messaging each other – and she made sure to be seen with him on vacation.”

The Hollywood Life is loving the rumors about Gomez allegedly hooking up with Haze Banga. They think it’s a “brilliant” way for the singer to get back at her infamous ex-boyfriend. The source added that Gomez is “desperate to stick it to Justin.”

Another celebrity news source called The Hollywood Gossip believes that Selena shouldn’t hook up with the music producer since he doesn’t “even have a Wikipedia page.” Blogger Tyler Johnsons believes that she should find someone who’s a little more famous and is more established in the industry.

Apparently, Gomez is feeling sad and lonely since she’s without Bieber and Zedd in her life. A source told Hollywood Life that she “doesn’t know what to do with herself” now that she’s on her own. It sounds like Gomez isn’t enjoying the single life as much she appears to on Instagram.

“Selena has very little interaction with Zedd anymore. It’s as if a huge part of her life has just disappeared. She leaned on him emotionally and talked to him every single day for months, even when they were apart. Now, they barely talk or text and that makes her pretty sad. They are still friendly, but Zedd is just busy with his life and career.”

Gomez has talked to Bieber since her breakup, but she doesn’t think it’s going to anywhere – and she’s right!

“Selena has talked and texted with Justin, but it’s clear it’s not going anywhere. It’s like she’s engaging in it just because she doesn’t know what to do with herself right now. Because of this, Selena’s family has been surrounding her with love and support, which is great. No one wants to see her fall,” our source adds.”

It sounds like Selena Gomez should focus on herself instead of Justin Bieber. What are your thoughts on these romance rumors? Do you think Selena and Justin will get back together again?

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]