April 30, 2015
Freddie Gray Injuries Report Released To Prosecutor One Day Early

The death of Freddie Gray has made headlines and caused severe and violent rioting in the city of Baltimore. Though it is unclear exactly what happened, Gray somehow sustained injuries while in transport to jail, resulting in injuries to his spine that proved to be fatal, claiming his life one week after he was arrested.

The Baltimore Police Department turned over a report detailing the injuries of Freddie Gray today, in advance of the deadline set for tomorrow. Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts stated that the Gray case and injuries report had been worked diligently by over 30 detectives, who would continue to work on the Gray case for however long the state's attorney deems appropriate. A report by the Boston Herald quotes a portion of the conference held by Batts.

"I understand the frustration; I understand the sense of urgency... That is why we have finished it a day ahead of time."

The Boston Herald report details the timeline from the arrest of Freddie Gray to the arrival at the police station.

"At the same news conference, Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis reviewed the timeline of Gray's time in custody and his death. Gray was arrested after he made eye contact with officers and ran. After a chase, officers pinned him down and handcuffed him. They loaded him into a van and put leg cuffs on him when officers said he became 'irate' in the wagon.

"Davis said Thursday that police discovered a new stop the van made with Gray in it, but they did not say what happened. Davis said the stop was found through footage from a privately owned camera.

"At a later stop at the tail end of Gray's ride, police put another man in the van. He told investigators that Gray was 'was still moving around, that he was kicking and making noises' up until the van arrived at the police station. Batts said the man also said the driver did not speed, make sudden stops [or] 'drive erratically.'"

This report seems to corroborate the rumor that the injuries sustained by Freddie Gray were inflicted personally by Gray himself. The Washington Post said in a report that a leaked police document stated the other prisoner in the van could not see Freddie Gray, as they were separated by a metal partition.

Now that the report detailing the Freddie Gray injuries has been turned over to the prosecution, the world must wait while the Gray case is being investigated. Gray's family staunchly denies the accusation that Freddie caused his own injuries. The six officers involved have been suspended with pay.

What do you think caused Freddie Gray's injuries?

[Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images]