Sixty Stone Woman Formerly Hailed As U.K’s Fattest Teenager Is Lifted Into Ambulance By Crane During Massive Rescue Operation

A severely obese woman who was once branded the U.K’s fattest teenager has been lifted out of her home by crane following a seven-hour rescue operation.

As bizarre as it may sound, Aberdare lady Georgia Davis, 22, is no stranger to being plucked from her home by emergency services. Three years ago, Georgia was removed from her old property in much the same way, when a multi-agency operation, involving a team of at least 40 people, worked to remove windows and part of her wall because Georgia could not be taken through the door to the hospital.

Wales Online reports that Georgia, who was reported to have ordered a belly-busting 20 kebabs a week before she was rushed to hospital, was on this occasion lifted by a high amperage crane from her ground-floor flat.

A number of roads around her property were closed so ambulance crews and firefighters could remove Georgia from her specially-adapted property, where she has resided for two years.

An anonymous eyewitness likened the scene to a vision at the gates of hell.

“It’s absolute chaos, there’s 999 vehicles everywhere and dozens of emergency service workers.

“All the roads are shut down and parents and school transport can’t get to the nearby schools and colleges, it’s been complete lock down all day.

“The building has been converted into flats and her flat has big French doors at the front so she can get out easily.”

Another concerned neighbour was gobsmacked at the amount of emergency services personnel who were present.

“I thought the flats were on fire there were so many vehicles.The police and ambulance were there at 10am and and I got back home at 2.50pm and there was several emergency vehicles.

“The road was totally blocked, it was absolute mayhem. They had a big crane and the main road was closed for around an hour. It was a complete meltdown, everyone stopped. I feel very sorry for the girl but this isn’t the first time this has happened.”

Georgia has battled hard in the past during her ongoing war against her growing weight. In 2008, she was applauded for attending a fat camp in America’s Wellspring Clinic, where the brutal and strict regime helped her to lose 15 stone.

Tragically, she has piled the pounds back on to the point where she needs to be lifted by crane to an ambulance just so she can receive the necessary medical treatment to stabilize her condition.

[Image Via Media Wales]

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