Robert Herjavec And Kym Johnson Caught Kissing Backstage At ‘DWTS’: Are They An Item?

Robert Herjavec was filming Shark Tank for years prior to being asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Even though he was in the spotlight for a while, Herjavec later revealed that he was struggling with depression. Not only did he lose his mother to cancer, but Robert has also been going through a divorce. As he admitted on the show, there was a period where his children didn’t even talk to him.

But Dancing with the Stars star Robert Herjavec has revealed that the show has saved him. Robert needed something new, and one morning, Kym Johnson walked into the dance studio. From what Herjavec has revealed, it sounds like Johnson has completely saved him. Since then, many people are hoping that they will start dating. Herjavec has even hinted of him getting a kiss during a dance.

According to a new tweet, Robert Herjavec may soon get that on-air kiss with Kym Johnson, as she was hinting that she would finally kiss Herjavec during an upcoming dance that is about New Year’s Eve. Even though Kym is teasing about a kiss, a kiss may have already happened between her and Robert.

“Loving all of these great suggestions! What do you think about NYE theme? A kiss at midnight?” Kym tweeted to her fans last night, hinting that a kiss may soon happen between them.

And yet, this kiss may have already happened backstage. It is no secret that Herjavec adores Kym, but they are keeping things professional on the dance floor. While Kym is teasing of an upcoming kiss, a camera has caught them kissing backstage – and this is a full-on kiss! You can watch the video on Tumblr.

Robert Herjavec continues to spoil Johnson. According to the Inquisitr, Herjavec has revealed that the flirt isn’t just for ratings. Robert is so happy that he met Kym on Dancing with the Stars that he is still gushing about the experience on Twitter.

“It’s been 67 days since this amazing #DWTS journey started – have rehearsed every single day and still as excited as the day I got here,” Robert Herjavec revealed last night, as he continues to compete on the show.

Now the question remains: Are they a couple? When Robert was first asked about Johnson, he revealed that she was involved with someone else and even had a dog. But this kiss hints that things may have changed.

Do you think Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson should start dating?

[Image via Twitter]