Missing Dachshund Survives 13 Days Without Food Or Water, Found Buried Beneath Concrete Slab

A Kansas family found their beloved Dachshund named Lucy after a 13 day search in the most unlikely of places. The tiny dog somehow survived the ordeal without food or water and was found buried beneath a concrete slab near the family’s home.

NBC News interviewed the family who describes the search for their beloved pet after she went missing from the family’s Kansas home. Lucy’s owner, Rebecca Felix, says she was out of town in Dallas visiting a granddaughter in the hospital when the pup went missing. Her husband called her to say he couldn’t find the dog and didn’t know where she had went.

“My husband called me that night while I was at the hospital with the granddaughter and said that Lucy was missing, and I said what do you mean she’s missing, he said I can’t find her.”

After returning from Dallas two days later, Rebecca and the family searched tirelessly for Lucy. They used Facebook ads, missing posters, and would search the neighborhood on foot while calling out the dog’s name. However, the dog’s disappearance remained a mystery.

KSNW notes that despite not finding any clues about the dog’s whereabouts, the family still took to the streets each day to try and find Lucy. On day 13 of the search, the family found Lucy the Dachshund stuck underneath a concrete slab near their home. It appears the tiny dog dug down beneath the slab and then couldn’t escape. With the help of local police officers, the family was able to free the dog from her trap and she was reunited with her family.

“He started digging and he reached a point where he saw her nose and an eye he called her name and she opened her eye and he knew she was alive. I think it’s a miracle from God, in fact.”

The family says that despite a few cuts, Lucy is doing well.