Wiz Khalifa Once Again Tops Bruno Mars On Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’

“See You Again,” Wiz Khalifa’s huge hit from Furious 7, is at No. 1 for a third week. Billboard talks about the success of the single.

“‘Again,’ released on Atlantic Records and promoted to radio by Roadrunner Promotions, spends a third week at No. 1 on the Digital Songs chart with 316,000 downloads sold (down 16 percent) in the week ending April 26, according to Nielsen Music. The track notches a third week at No. 1 on both Streaming Songs (24 million U.S. streams, down 2 percent) and the subscription services-based On-Demand Songs chart (8.6 million, down 1 percent).”

What’s most interesting about Wiz Khalifa’s success with “See You Again” is the fact that it isn’t even close to being No. 1 in airplay, which only makes up 12 percent of it’s total points on the chart, at least according to Billboard. However, the song jumps from 18 to 11 on the airplay chart this week, and it will easily hit No. 1 within the next couple of weeks.

Wiz Khalifa may be celebrating his success, but Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are probably fuming about the fact that Khalifa stopped them from breaking the record at most weeks at No. 1 with “Uptown Funk.” After 14 weeks, the song, despite still selling strongly, has dropped to No. 2 for three weeks. That’s gotta hurt!

Had “Uptown Funk” been released just a month earlier, the song would have easily made music history. However, Wiz Khalifa has released a song that not only pays tribute to beloved star Paul Walker, but it also is from one of the hottest money-making films ever made. Wiz Kalifa recently talked about the success of “See You Again” to BET.

It’s cool. No. 1 records are always good for having s**t that people can celebrate and feel good about. And it’s a really dope song too. The fact that it connects with so many people, that’s what is really, really important for me so I’m f**king with it.”

Wiz Kalifa also tells BET that he thought about his family while writing the song.

“My whole objective was to make something that everybody can connect with. It feels personal, but it’s something that everybody can feel too. It’s not so personal that you’re disconnected to it. Basically, that was my mindframe for it. Think about family in general. Not necessarily my family or someone else’s family that everybody goes through in that situation.”

Every ten years, a song comes along that touches millions. In the 1990s, it was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. In the 2000s, it was “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey. Wiz Khalifa may have just released this decade’s biggest hit with “See You Again.”

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]