‘Why I Killed Jeffrey Dahmer’: Prisoner Reveals Why He Beat Serial Killer And Sex Offender To Death In New Interview

After 21 years, the man responsible for the death of Jeffrey Dahmer — who was a serial killer and sex offender — finally reveals why he beat him to death in a new interview, according to Mirror.

For 13 years, Jeffrey Dahmer had been on a killing spree, luring gay African-American men to his home, where he strangled them to death, dismembered them, and would have sex with their dead corpse.

His youngest victim was a 13-year-old lad who he drugged and rapped in 1988.

Dahmer’s sick fantasies came to a halt when he was apprehended in 1991, and found guilty of raping, dismembering, and murdering 17 men, as well as child sex assault.

In 1992, he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms at the Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution. However, his time spent in prison was cut short when fellow inmate Christopher Scarver beat him to death in 1994 at the age of 34.

After 21 years of remaining silent, Scarver finally reveals the reason behind the brutal attack on Dahmer in a new interview.

Scarver told the interviewer that he first arrived at the prison in 1992, and recalls seeing Dahmer around the prison. Although he hadn’t developed an opinion of him, he knew to steer clear of the madman after learning of Dahmer’s sick crimes.

“I saw heated interactions between [Dahmer] and other prisoners from time to time. I never interacted with him.”

However, his feelings quickly changed as Dahmer became annoyingly creepy by arranging his food to look like body parts just to taunt other inmates. Scarver even said he had no shame in disclosing his sick crimes with other inmates.

While Dahmer and another inmate, Jesse Anderson, were cleaning the bathroom unattended, Scarver approached him.

Scarver boldly asked Dahmer if the crimes he gloated about around the prison were crimes he actually committed. If it they were, Scarver wanted to ensure that Dahmer was aware of his disgust and abhorrence.

According to Scarver, Dahmer appeared shocked by his inquisition, and had even tried to avoid the question by leaving the bathroom, but the door was blocked. Before Dhamer could respond, Scarver quickly lifted a metal bar he had stolen from the weight room and struck Dahmer twice on the head, killing him instantly.

He then struck the other inmate on the head — who was laughing with Dahmer about his sick crimes — killing him as well.

Scarver spent an aggregate of 16 years in confinement for killing Dahmer and Anderson, and has tried to squirm his way out of it by pleading insanity, but the Dahmer killer had to face the consequences.

In his recent interview, Scarver disclosed that he actually killed Dahmer because of his hatred towards him and the sick crimes he committed.

Scarver is currently incarcerated where he is serving three life sentences.

[Image courtesy of AndreasS/Flickr]