Justin Bieber On Lockdown In ‘Zoolander 2,’ Meanwhile Hair Is Slaying

Are you feeling Justin Bieber’s new haircut?

Following some heart attack-inducing hair makeovers over the past few months, like going platinum blond in December, then growing it out under seemingly surgically-attached hats, the superstar finally went for the chop last week. He posted a grainy selfie days later, but it wasn’t really clear enough.

Fast forward to Tuesday night. A revelation in Rome.

Justin, his manager Scooter Braun, buddy Joe Termini, and hairstylist Florido and Allison Kaye somewhere off-camera, unveiled the 21-year-old singer’s cute-as-a-button new hair in an Instagram video backdropped by The Lion King’s “Circle of Life.”

Braun posted the black and white clip to his account, tagging everyone in, with the caption, “When in rome…. (sic).”

The verdict? Justin’s new style is a return to form. With short sides and longer hair on top, which the singer can either wear edgy to the side or glam swept back, it’s a modern, clean cut. Colorwise, it’s darker than his recent blonde, but photos of the pop star out and about in Rome show there are still highlights of brightness. In short: he’s workin’ that hair and it’s taken years off the Canadian.

Hours after his big hair reveal, the Biebs upped the ante. It followed a hint he’d dropped in a Facebook message on Monday when he teased, “Working on something big right now in Europe. To learn more follow me on Fahlo. He is so hot right now.”

“So hot right now,” is of course an iconic line from the 2001 hit Zoolander. The Ben Stiller-directed sequel is currently shooting in Rome. Fans speculated Justin was heading there after his Fahlo heads up on Friday, followed by a flight to the capital on Sunday, April 26.

On Wednesday morning, the “Where Are U Now” singer shared a black-and-white snap of himself facing off with Stiller in a “Blue Steel” pose. The Biebs captioned the pic tagging in Ben and adding #itsawignotmynewhair and #Zoolander2. Likewise, Ben posted the same shot at his social media accounts tagging the movie and his newest cast member.

Justin Bieber

The internet went understandably nuts yesterday when it became clear Justin is stepping into the Derek Zoolander, Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson) universe. Other names in the film include Will Ferrell, Olivia Munn, Fred Armisen, Billy Zane, Kristen Wiig, Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor, and Kyle Mooney.

A ton of stars have jumped at the chance to play cameos, including Penelope Cruz, Lewis Hamilton, supposedly Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and a roll call of models-du-jour. The Paramount picture was announced when Stiller and Wilson walked the runway during Valentino’s show at Paris Fashion Week last month.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Zoolander 2 hits theaters February 12, 2016. It goes without saying there’s going to be a lot of Beliebers in movie lines eager to see Justin. As yet, there’s no word on who or what role he plays.

But based on these latest shots from the set in the early hours of April 30, the Biebs’ real-life police drama in Rome on Wednesday is played out to its nth conclusion in Stiller and co-screenwriter, Justin Theroux’s, vision for the locked up heartthrob.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin leaving the Zoolander 2 set the night before (April 29). Seriously, how amazing does his haircut look?

[Images via GC Images/Xposure Photos/Twitter]