High School Senior Booted From Prom For Gown That Violated Dress Code

Mireya Briceno was a high school senior at the Muskegon High School who was kicked out of her senior prom because of an alleged dress code violation. Her mother, Connie, had studied the dress code and thought that the $300 dress met the requirements and wasn’t in violation. One of the rules is that “no midriff is exposed,” and Connie still doesn’t know why her daughter was told to leave the prom, because she states that no reason was given and Mireya was told to turn around, walk out, and leave, saying “You’re in violation. You need to go home.” She noted that Mireya’s midfriff wasn’t revealed in her blue and white polka dot gown. Connie told FOX Channel 17 West Michigan the following.

“When you look in the mirror, there should be no skin showing around the midriff area. When her arms were down, you couldn’t see any skin.”

Principal Brad Perkins indicated that another staff member told Mireya to leave, so he wasn’t aware what part of the school dress code she violated, but indicated that he has received positive feedback regarding the decision. Perkins said two other female students were removed but returned to the prom in appropriate attire, according to Syracuse.

Mireya apparently entered the prom wearing her boyfriend’s suit jacket, but took it off and posed for pictures. She was asked to leave an hour later. Her mother Connie felt bad for her missing her prom and stated the following, as reported by Michigan Live.

“She called me from the parking lot. She got in her car and started crying.”

Mireya had attended the Muskegon Public School system since kindergarten and has participated in sideline and competitive cheer and choir. Although Connie would like an apology and an explanation regarding why Mireya was kicked out of the prom, she isn’t expecting an explanation or apology. She left a message for the principal, as she believed that her daughter’s dress didn’t violate the dress code. The Principal’s attitude showed when he stated the following, according to FOX Channel 17 West Michigan: “What would be the purpose of looking in the past?”

Though Mireya can’t go back in time and relive her senior prom, her boyfriend attends a neighboring high school and his prom is on May 9. The couple plans on attending that prom, with Mireya in a different dress.

A Tennessee senior, Kristen Layne, who was mercilessly bullied after posting a picture of herself in her junior prom dress online. Layne said that she felt like a “princess” when wearing it, but two mean individuals ridiculed her size and appearance. Layne had the last laugh, as money was raised in a GoFundMe account and she could then purchase her dream dress for her senior prom, and she also helped friends with prom attire costs. Also, people commented how beautiful she looked, and weren’t too favorable regarding the bullies’ comments.

[Photo Courtesy Mireya Briceno Facebook Page]