Man charged with battery for attacking a police horse with a 5ft long penis

Wichita, Kansas police arrested a man Sunday morning for attacking a police horse with a 5ft long inflatable penis.

The man was accompanying a group of women on a “Bachelorette party” when two officers on horseback spoke to the group. The man, who had previously been “joking around” with the penis thought it would be funny to hurl it at an officer, but missed and hit the horse instead, spooking the horse.

According to local reports, police arrested the man on suspicion of battery of a law enforcement officer, in this case, the horse. As this occurred, the sister of the man grabbed the officers arm, so she got arrested as well.

But because there’s always more, another woman in the group was arrested when she struck the horse’s head, although what isn’t clear is the why. What we do know is that the horse stood on the woman resulting in injuries that required medical attention, but we don’t know if that happened before or after she struck the horse. To twist the line from Over the Rainbow, you most definitely are in Kansas.