‘Destiny’ Trials Of Osiris: What Bungie Revealed About Its New Elimination Multiplayer Mode

Bungie threw the curtains back Wednesday on the new competitive multiplayer mode that is coming with the Destiny‘s “House of Wolves” expansion later this month. What should players expect with Trials of Osiris, a third competitive mode for the PlayStation and Xbox shooter? Read on to find out.

Trials of Osiris was originally targeted to launch with Destiny last year, but was pulled because Bungie didn’t think it was compelling. “I had a conversation with some of the other leads, and we came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t ready yet,” Design Lead Lars Bakken told the Associated Press. “The data was still there, but what ‘Trials of Osiris’ has become is very different than what it would have been.”

So, what did Trials of Osiris become? A three versus three multiplayer that gives rewards based on how players perform. The following is a breakdown of the new multiplayer mode based on Bungie reveal via a Twitch livestream.

When Does It Run?

Trials of Osiris is a weekly will be available in Destiny from every Friday through the weekly reset on Tuesday. The first matches will open on May 22.

How Do You Start?

Destiny players will need to visit Brother Vance in the new Queen’s Bay social area. There, you’ll need to purchase a Passage Coin for 100 Glimmer. Passage Coins can also be received as drops from the featured Crucible activity.

The Passage is essentially your scorecard and keeps track of your wins and losses.

Once you lose three matches, your passage is complete, but you can purchase another.

Destiny Trials of Osiris Passage (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

What Game Mode Does It Run?

The all new “Elimination” gametype will be used for Trials of Osiris. It’s three versus three and players cannot respawn. They can be revived by teammates, however, after a delay. This makes armor like Crest of Alpha Lupi and its Revival perk valuable.

The first team to completely take down the other team wins a round. The first team to win five rounds wins the match and a mark on their scorecard.

Ammo and super energy will carry over from round to round. Rounds will be quick, taking only two minutes. A sudden death overtime is initiated when time expires that forces the capture of a single objective point on the map.

Matchmaking (Or The Lack Thereof)

There is no matchmaking for Trials of Osiris, only pre-made fireteams. Players will need to form teams themselves with friends or through “Looking for Group” services like Reddit Fireteams, Destiny LFG or The 100.

The only matchmaking will be between pre-made fireteams. Bungie did say that matchmaking between teams is prioritized based on connection and you won’t fight the same team over and over.

Level Matters

Like Iron Banner, the level of weapons and armor matters. Entry starts at level 20.


There are seven different tiers of rewards, based on your wins. It starts with the “Stone Tier” with two wins that gives a random reward, as previously teased. Higher tiers will result in more/better rewards, and the highest tiers will net the best rewards, such as the Summoner Auto Rifle and Legendary armor.

The maximum number of wins on a passage is nine wins. Bungie left that open for a later reveal.

There are random loot drops at the end of each match, as well, that does include Legendary gear. The only way to get the Egyptian themed Trials gear, though, is by winning and increasing the tier at which you can purchase rewards.


Destiny Trials of Osiris Hood of the Exile (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


Brother Vance will be selling consumables to make your time in Trials last longer. You can use more than one at once.

  • Favor Of Osiris – You have been granted a Favor. You will start the Trials with a win already awarded.
  • Mercy of Osiris – You have been granted Mercy. Your first loss in the Trials will be forgiven.
  • Boon of Osiris – You have been granted a Boon. Winning your first Trials match will count as two.

What Maps Will Be Used

Trials of Osiris will use a single map every week. A new map will be introduced every week.

The “Burning Shrine” map will be the first map used in Trials. Subsequent maps will be maps that adequately support the 3v3 gametype.


If you drop out of a Trials of Osiris match for whatever reason, it counts as a loss.

[Images via Bungie Twitch Livestream, Bungie]