Duchess Kate Due Date: Kate Middleton Is Still Driving, Unconcerned With Baby’s Late Arrival?

Duchess Kate is still driving and still bopping around despite being at the very end of her second pregnancy. While many people thought that Kate Middleton would be at home in Kensington Palace resting and waiting to go into labor, she has actually been living her normal day to day life, keeping up with Prince George, and not seeming overly concerned about going into labor while she’s in public.

According to Mail Online, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen leaving Buckingham Palace on Tuesday after taking her 20-month-old son for a swim. Many were surprised that Kate was driving the car herself, given the fact that she’s due any moment now.

Duchess Kate’s due date is mid-to-late April, and while several media outlets are reporting that she is nearly a week overdue, it appears as though Kate may be due later than she originally said. Perhaps she’s due late April/early May, and she fibbed about her actual due date to throw off the media, who knows? The fact of the matter is Prince William’s wife is feeling great (and looking even better). It is just a waiting game now.

According to E! News, there are rumors that Kate is scheduled to be induced by the end of the week. Many thought that Kate Middleton would give birth today, as it is her fourth wedding anniversary. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate and William are celebrating together, and folks around the globe are looking back at one of the most iconic weddings in modern day history. If Kate were to be induced for an April 29 birth, she would already be at St. Mary’s Hospital, and there hasn’t been any word that’s the case, so it doesn’t look like royal baby number two will be born today.

Although Duchess Kate’s due date is still in question, many are wondering if this “late” arrival could mean that Kate is having a baby girl. While this is her second pregnancy and things tend to move a bit faster with subsequent children, some say that baby girls are notorious for making late arrivals.

Needless to say, Kate and William will be welcoming a newborn in the next few days for sure. If Kate is overdue, she will more than likely be induced. If she’s right on schedule, she definitely doesn’t have more than a week or so left.

Do you think Kate will have a boy or a girl?

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]