National Guard Swoops In And 'Kidnaps' Baltimore Protestor Joseph Kent, Social Media Goes Crazy Demanding His Release

Shayla D

As protests continued to surge in Baltimore Tuesday night over the death of Freddie Gray, pleas for the release of prominent protestor and Morgan State University student Joseph Kent are filling up the newsfeeds of social media.

As CNN was broadcasting live footage from the scene of the Baltimore protests, a young man who has been identified as Joseph Kent appears to be walking in front of the line of police in riot gear as an armored car approaches. The vehicle slows as several officers appear to accost Kent from behind it and then suddenly as the armored car continues on its journey, the officers disperse and Kent is nowhere to be seen leading several viewers to insist that the young man was "kidnapped" on live television by the National Guard.

According to news reports, Joseph Kent is well known in the Baltimore area for his social activism and had, in fact, organized previous protests regarding the Michael Brown incident. In previous coverage of the Joseph Kent-lead Michael Brown protests, Kent appeared to be peaceful and at times was placing himself between the more disgruntled protestors and the police.

As many people shamed CNN for failing to even report on Kent's obvious removal from the protest scene and question his safety, others suggested Kent was arrested for violating the curfew which was enforced as a result of the violence and uprising the previous night. A person self-identifying as a Baltimore lawyer on Twitter posted a series of tweets filling in concerned citizens on Joseph Kent's current status:

— The Big Acquittal (@BeattyLaw) April 29, 2015

— The Big Acquittal (@BeattyLaw) April 29, 2015

— The Big Acquittal (@BeattyLaw) April 29, 2015

[Image courtesy of City Paper]