‘The Voice’ Live Results Recap: Happy To Be Wrong! Guess Who Left This Week?

It was destined to be one of those nights on The Voice. If you’ve been following the iTunes rankings, then the outcome wasn’t too surprising. Annoying, but not surprising.

The first name to be announced was none other than Voice contestant Joshua Davis! This is great news for Adam Levine’s team, which has struggled more than any other team on The Voice. It’s possible that Davis just might survive into the Top 4!

The next name to be announced as safe was season-long front-runner Sawyer Fredericks. His version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” peaked at No. 2, which all but assured that the talented teen would be progressing to next week’s episodes of The Voice. Sawyer Fredericks also had the fortune of being the only consistent front-runner to be largely unaffected by the voting shenanigans caused by Voice contestants hanging around longer than they probably should.

While it was initially predicted that Meghan Linsey would be in danger of elimination and saved instantly, she was actually the third contestant to be announced as safe. While this is great news for Team Blake, it also means The Voice will enjoy more gender diversity.

Speaking of which, Kimberly Nichole of Team Christina was voted into the Top 6. This means that every Team on The Voice would be represented next week. Pharrell Williams was happy to see both his remaining teen contestants progress to the next stage of The Voice. But this meant that Blake was in danger of losing two-thirds of his team, despite enjoying fairly decent odds until now.

I admit that this turn of events flies in the face of my previous prediction, and I’m actually rather glad. I was fairly certain that popularity would outweigh mediocrity, but the Voice audience surprised me. After watching the Bottom 3 performances, it was clear that America made the right decision as to who the weakest links are in the competition. Hannah chose the Imagine Dragons hit “Radioactive,” Corey Kent White performed Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You,” and India Carney sang “Human” by Christina Perri.

When it came time for the instant save, it was very close. Corey and India were only one percent apart. In the end, it was India Carney saved instantly in what Carson Daly called the “closest vote ever.” This meant that The Voice said goodbye to Hannah and Corey.

The weakest singers left in the competition just went home. Shocking, considering that this is usually the time during the show when the Voice audience gets it wrong and sends home a talented front-runner. Instead, the votes have assured that the stakes on next week’s episodes of The Voice will be extremely high.

Are you happy with the outcome of the live results? Who would you have sent home from The Voice? Comment below!

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]