John Collett's Death: Kim Richards' Fiancé's Murder Led To Her Alcoholism [Report]

John Collett's death may have been a major turning point in Kim Richards' struggles with addiction. For many years, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has struggled to stay sober, and now, it appears John Collett's 1991 murder may have been what led her down such a dark path.

In an interview with Radar Online on April 28, Jan Collett opened up about the relationship Richards had with her fiancé, John Collett, whom she met at an AA meeting over 25 years ago.

According to John Collett's mother, he and Richards met after he recognized her, and professed he had been in love with her since he was 10-years-old. After a brief chat, John Collett, a commodities salesman, asked Richards to dinner, and she agreed. Quickly, the pair fell in love, and a while later, John Collett proposed.

At the time, John Collett had been sober for eight years, and was aware of his new fiancée's struggles, as was his mother. Still, despite his concerns, John Collett had strong feelings for Richards, and chose to continue with their relationship.

"I believe John was Kim's connection to sobriety. He was tough with himself and with people he sponsored. He felt you have no control over what people do, but he felt their relationship was pretty strong. They went to meetings all the time and she had a sponsor and they were spending time with her little kids."
Sadly, Richards' romance came to an abrupt end in 1991, when John Collett was shot by a man in the San Fernando Valley.
"He had just open brokerage firm and they got engaged and then he was killed. It destroyed and hurt a lot of us."
Two years after Richards' fiancé, John Collett, was found dead (she identified the body), his killer, Marva DeCarlo Johnson, was sentenced to a 30-years-to-life prison term. From there, Richards went on to marry supermarket mogul Monty Brinson, the father of her oldest daughter, Brooke, 29, and later, petroleum heir Gregg Davis, with whom she has two children, Whitney Davis, 25, and Chad Davis, 23. Richards is also mother to youngest daughter, Kimberly.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards was arrested on April 16 and charged with public intoxication, resisting an officer, trespassing, and battery on an officer. According to E! News, she is due in court on June 11.

In response to Richards' recent arrest, John Collett's mother hinted her downward spiral began with her son's death.

"She was destroyed when John died and perhaps if she had different tools she would have gone on from there. Kim, under normal circumstances, when she's not drinking was not like that at all."
John Collett's killer remains behind bars.

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