Trenton City About To Run Out Of Toilet Paper. Good Job New Jersey

James Johnson

Employees working in office buildings throughout Trenton, New Jersey may soon fine themselves in a potentially stinky situation. That's because the city is about to run out of toilet paper following a 4-month-old purchasing contract conflict that has yet to be resolved.

According to reports Trenton will run out of toilet paper by Friday at City Hall while other buildings could run out even more quickly.

According to reports New Jersey has the money to pay for the toilet paper but an ongoing conflict with city council members have left them refusing to sign off on the $42,573 payment.

At this time only a few boxes of rolls remain at City Hall which could quickly turn the buildings bathrooms into a BYOTP type of situation.

Apparently the entire ordeal started after city council members became angered by the mayor's decision to purchase $4,000 in paper cups. A council member notes:

This isn't the type of dispute that has cropped up overnight, the dispute has been going on since November.

Council members are worried that city employees are inflating purchase numbers so they can steal paper items and use them at home, although no evidence to that claim has been discovered or revealed at this time.

If I were a voting resident of Trenton I would remember this stupid squabble come election time in order to ensure that my city council members and Mayor were replaced with more efficient city managers.

Do you think the toilet paper conflict in Trenton, New Jersey is silly or the right move to make in order to curb spending waste?