Perez Hilton Addresses Kris Jenner Twitter Battle — ‘It’s Going To Come Down To, Who Do You Believe?’

Perez Hilton has decided to publicly address his Twitter battle with Kris Jenner that escalated on Friday, April 24, during Bruce Jenner’s 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.

Perez was live-tweeting during the interview, titled Bruce Jenner: The Interview, when one of his comments set Kris off, resulting in a big f*** you.

“Kris Jenner has no comment for ABC news and the #BruceJenner interview. His other two ex-wives give supportive statements,” Hilton tweeted. “Kris Jenner is negotiating her very own tell-all interview as we speak – to the highest bidder! Or so I think.”

Not long after, Kris issued this response. “@PerezHilton f*** you Perez no one asked me to comment….and I’m sitting with Bruce now watching this show so let’s keep it real…LOL….”

It’s hard to believe that no one would reach out to speak to Kris regarding her husband of 23 years decision to come out as transgender, and Hilton said that was the point he was trying to make.

“It’s going to come down to, ‘who do you believe?'” Hilton told HLN on Monday.

ABC claims they repeatedly reached out to Jenner, but sources close to the family say that those efforts fell short and never reached the reality star.

“So, it’s Team Jenner vs. Team ABC,” he said, adding that he is more inclined to believe the news station.

“I wasn’t saying Kris Jenner had to comment,” Hilton added. “This whole thing, dealing with all of the repercussions of Bruce’s decision to live his authentic life is very complicated and very fresh for her. It’s her right not to comment on it for whatever reason.”

Hilton did recognize that, after the fact, Kris did tweet about Bruce being her hero.

“Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero,” Kris tweeted at the end of the interview.

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[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]