Baltimore Riots Interview: Rival Gangs, Bloods & Crips, Unite To Rebuild The Community — Not To Harm Cops

While major networks broadcast the carnage of the Baltimore riots, it hasn’t shown how the community has come together. Rival gangs, Bloods and Crips, have united to help rebuild Baltimore. Things don’t seem to be exactly how they’ve been portrayed.

The Baltimore riots have brought out the worst and the best in people. In a twist of events, it’s shown the truth about “who’s who,” as far as character is concerned. The rioters were far outnumbered by the peaceful protesters. To further peaceful demonstrations, even the Bloods and the Crips set their rival issues aside to come together. However, this doesn’t seem to be something that would get mass coverage, given the nature of news networks.

Regardless, as can be seen from the photos, the Baltimore gangs are in truce as they help get the community back together. It’s similar to what happened during the L.A. riots in the 90s. Many are hopeful that the truce remains.

Unfortunately, major media slanted the reasoning for the gangs’ truce. As the media pointed out, the two gangs joined forces to “take out” the Baltimore police. But that was the furthest from the truth. In a private interview, gang members spoke with local Baltimore news authority, WBAL, to clarify their reasoning for the truce.

“Man, we just want to tell the people of the city of Baltimore that the image they’re trying to portray of the gangs, the BGF (Black Guerilla Family), the Bloods, the Crips, we did not make that truce to harm cops. We did not come together against the cops. We’re not about to allow y’all to paint this picture of us. We’ve got soldiers out here. We’re dirty. They threw bombs at us for trying to stop what’s going on right now. Y’all are not about to do that to us.”

“To stop what’s going on, that’s all we’re trying to do. We just want justice for Freddie Gray. We believe in that. [The violence and looting] It’s just making us look bad, and it’s backing up what they’re saying about us. They’re saying we’re animals and we’re acting like savages out here. I don’t agree with what’s going on, but I understand why and why people are mad. But we’ve got to handle things another way.”

So, it brings to question, why would the major media networks portray the truce as such? As something people of all ethnicities have wanted for decades, once it finally happens, why slant and twist it for something it’s not?

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]